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GIZ, Telekommunisten, Bundeswehr

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[+]--unfair linkings
| "Das Beste (...) Open Strategies (...)."
| "Mit dem Ziel professionelle Kommunikation mit
| gesellschaftlicher Verantwortung zu kombinieren
| arbeitet 10hoch16 fuer Kunden wie
| Amnesty International, Oxfam, Wikimedia,
| die GIZ (...)."
| |
| |
| [-]--"Official Miscommunication Platform of
| | transmediale 2013, supported by the
| | German international cooperation agency GIZ,
| | and the collaborative production of
| | Telekommunisten and (...)."
| | http://www.postinterface.com/index.php?option=com_
| | content&view=article&id=223
| |
| [-]--GIZ + Bundeswehr
| http://www.german-foreign-policy.com/en/fulltext/
| 57947/print?PHPSESSID=q99rrh6snv0g0ob9pjb0rp0i15
[-]--Back When Germany Made No Wars
[-]--A link from here to there doesn't 'mean' a link from
| there to here when every link can be possible. In other
' words: A Henry Kissinger in Lombardi's mappings linked to
. XYZ can be a hypothecial Kissinger in the context. So a
. mapping of lines and positions offers a Gestalt of
. closenessness but explicates no functions of the here and
. there, as concept mapping may does.
Besides this (little) grammar the linking
GIZ---Bundeswehr---Telekommunisten has a polemically
. function. pólemos, the war, defines ongoings sometimes.
The figure

GIZ (G)---Bundeswehr (B)---Telekommunisten (T)
may be wrong. Set G supports B, T does not necessarily
support B (one knows or hopes). Or does one need more or
less more Anti-Aristotelian logics for this? Why is B the
center here and not T? Another try:
GIZ (G)---Telekommunisten (T)---Bundeswehr (B)

Set G supports T, but B does not support T one can ask
whether the line is broken or actually has this shape:

GIZ (G)---Telekommunisten (T) Bundeswehr (B)
| |
If so there is simply a gap between Telekommunisten and
the Bundeswehr and co-operation doesn't mean a thing at
this point.
So let's ask what "support" may be (influence, ressources,
ideology?) and shift the emphasis since we have no one
way direction in Rohrpost Systems:
T (supported by G) supports G as well but T does not
support B (supported by G). G is an incorporation (GmbH)
and its main customer is the Bundesministerium fuer
wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (Federal
Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development). Why
does T deal with Economic Cooperation and Development and
. why is B doing the same?

`.´ (bang!)
´ `

Susi Meyer



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