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Open Call -- The Internet Of Animals Convention Barcelona 2019

Der IFUZ/e57 (ehemals mal ein kleiner Kunstraum im Nordend) hat immer sehr spezielle Ideen. Wenn Ihr Eueren Hund oder Katze auch ans Internet anschliessen wollt, dann ist hier die Gelegenheit. Thing Frankfurt sagt bei dieser Gelegenheit: Danke für die Treue in 2018. ======= ========= ============ ======= ========= ============ Open call for artists // Call for contributions / open 'stage': From Feb 19 to Mar 2 there will be the following event in Barcelona, in the Mutuo gallery space. 'The Internet Of Animals' Convention Barcelona 2019 Have you ever thought about your dog being connected to the internet? Or whales? Bees? Will humans connect animals like things (lamps, refrigerators, smoke detectors) and themselves? And how will it look like? The concept of this convention is an open platform/stage. Artists can contribute artworks to the exhibition, people or initiatives can plug in with papers, workshop elements, or even a whole concept day, including special fields like makers, experiments, design, learning, or something else connected to the topic. Let yourself be inspired from the vision and contact me. Ideally before end of December, so we can better plan and promote it. read more about it here: The Internet Of Animals Convention Barcelona 2019 http://ioabcn.com Ifuz ++34 642 376 340 (or ++49 163 6305551) Notes: -It is possible to plug in to the event at your location as well -'The Internet Of Animals' can happen in your location, too. In variable scaling, as a guest program, or as a reinterpretation locally by you. If appropriate also to one of the more specific topic fields from the FUFF/IOA matrix. -'The Internet Of Animals' is a FUFF project (http://fuff.org). So you can get involved in any form aside of this particular event.

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