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Collateral Damage revisited

Today is the anniversary of the start of NATO bombing of Yugoslavia
(Serbia and Montenegro).
This work from 1999 commemorates that event:


There were many "collateral damages" of that intervention, about 3.000
civilians killed, many schools, hospitals and bridges destroyed. About
0 billions of material damage made. Remember collateral damage.
Nineteen NATO countries took part in that intervention, take a look at
their capitals.

| interlinking of media
| practice with gender related issues

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das schlechte bild

es geht wieder: entledigen sie sich ihrer schlechten bilder.


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Fwd: urgent! - seeking for mr. schmidt

Von: beate zurwehme <beate [at] zurwehme [dot] org>
Datum: 24. März 2006 13:22:49 MEZ
An: zkm [at] zkm [dot] de
Betreff: Fwd: urgent! - seeking for mr. schmidt

how can i get into contact with mr. matze schmidt? we had a street
fight together at startbahn west in 1981 and had a drunken f*** after
guenther's funeral. if you know him, please leave him a note or forward
my message to her.

all the best,

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Good bye Nam June Paik: l'art est un élévateur horizontalement.

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gerhard richter: kittelmann zyklus

hello world,

have look at gerhard richter's sensational picture canon
about curatorial superstar udo kittelmann:

kittelmann zyklus
gerhard richter
2005, ten paintings
oil on canvas, each 200cm x 200cm, mmk frankfurt


now pre-published excerpts of my new text on the thing:


greetings, beate z.

| interlinking of media
| practice with gender related issues



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