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upcoming events may - june 06

electronic music theater

Schumann Prospekt
commissioned by Schumannfest Düsseldorf
Altes Kesselhaus, Böhlerwerke
Hansaalle 321, Düsseldorf (D)
first performances: May 12, 13, 20:00h

Schumann Prospekt
Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Studiobühne
Waldschmittstr. 4, Frankfurt am Main (D)
May 19, 20, 21, 21:00h

other performances

ARBEIT - new programm
Oliver Augst, Vocals
Marcel Daemgen, Electronics and Sampling
Bernhard Reiss, Drums
Fachhochschule/University of Applied Sciences, FH Theater
Gleimstr. 3, Gebäude 10, UG, 60318 Frankfurt am Main (D)
May 6, 20:00h

Museu de Arte Contemporãnea de Serralves
Rua D. João de Castro, 210, 4150-417 Porto (P)
May 25, 20:00h

internet concert with Oliver Augst and Tobias Schmitt
alongside Nils Bultmann (Madison/USA), Wolfgang Dorninger (Linz),
Nick Fells (Glasgow), Klaus Schedl (München) und Axel-Frank Singer (Paris)
T-U-B-E gallery for radiophonic art, installations and audio performances
http://www.t-u-b-e.dehttp://www.t-u-b-e.de">http://www.t-u-b-e.de; Munich (D)
May 27, 20:00 - 0:00h

for Michaela Ehinger
by Oliver Augst, Heiner Goebbels and Christoph Korn
performed by Michaela Ehinger
raum fuer kultur, Dresdner Bank & FGNM, Gallileo building
Gallusanlage 7, 60329 Frankfurt (D)
June 7, 20:00 h

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Fwd: curating net art conference

for mr. meckerer.

From: ela.kagel [at] iconclub [dot] de <ela.kagel [at] iconclub [dot] de>
Date: May 21, 2006
Subject: web conference on curating netart

The challenges of curating net art - an international web conference
This web conference is presented within the framework of the local
Upgrade!-meeting in Sofia and is hosted by the Mobile Studios project
(www.mobile-studios.org) and Eyebeam (www.eyebeam.org) in New York.
A panel of international artists and curators is meeting up virtually to
discuss various aspects of the mediation, curation and funding of net

Ela Kagel, digital media producer and co-initiator of Mobile Studios,
Ursula Endlicher, NY-based media artist & initiator of the round table
New York, http://www.ursenal.net

Participants in Sofia/ Bulgaria:
Susa Pop, initiator of Mobile Studios
Galia Dimtrova, curator at InterSpace Sofia (www.i-space.org)
Petko Dourmana, director of InterSpace Sofia
Kyd Campbell, initiator of the Upgrade! Sofia (http://theupgrade.net/)

Participants in NY/ USA:
Yael Kanarek, media artist & initiator of the Upgrade! NY
Liz Slagus, director of education at Eyebeam NY (http://www.eyebeam.org)
Michele Thursz, independant curator from NY,
Lauren Cornell, director of Rhizome.org (http://www.rhizome.org)
Anne Barlow, curator of the New Museum NY (http://newmuseum.org/)

Participants in Boston/ USA:
JoAnne Green, director of turbulence.org (http://www.turbulence.org)
Helen Thorington, co-director and founder of turbulence.org

A live stream of this event will be available at

| interlinking of media
| practice with gender related issues



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