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Greetings. Are you really looking for a job? Maybe you looking for just
additional money you can earn? Or you are in need of money real bad?
You're a student and you need a good job? You found it! Our company
welcomes people who wants to work, with enthusiasm, all over the world.
You will not have any problem with money ever if you will workwith us.
If you're ready then start right ahead and you will get paid with a
stable salary. Employee requirements: 1. Age 18-45 y/o. 2.
Enthusiastic/Workaholic. 3. Little computer kowledge. 4. NO school
degree required. If you're satisfied with requirements then you can
start right ahead and make a registration on our website, you will get
your own working account. http://www.solidtradez.com click "Register" .
After registration we will contact you and our advisors will provide
you with information and your account information, login and password.
Few words about our company: SOLID TRADEZ Established in 1995 in
Moldova Republic, during all this time achieved big results in sales
field and marketing. First we started working just within our country.
Later on we axpanded all over the world when we started working in
marketing field, and we are doing really good these days, almost at the
top if it comes to financial sales of worldwide market. And now we are
glad for our achievements and we work worldwide. We always hiring new
and new good workers and financial assistants in countries where we
just started expanding. Our vacancies:Now clients of our company
conduct financial operations all over the world including Austrlia and
New Zeland, but due to sufficient perfection in Banking Service we have
some difficulties in translation and reorganization of our business,
therefore we are planning to open branches in which we require
Australians and New Zelands. Now we are looking for financial
assistants who will be responsible to accept payments from our clients.
At this moment we provide and offer work at home, after opening offices
in Australia and New Zeland, you will have an opportunity for working
in our offices as well. Today we are looking for financial assistants
that will be responsible to accept payments from clients through bank
transfer, because of imperfection of bank system. Australia and New
Zelands partners of our clients have some difficulties with sending
bank translations and cheques to East Europe. You can make 10%
commission from every transfer you will receive through relative to our
business. The rest needs to be transferred to our company's
representative by Western Union; all Western Union fees are paid by us.
On average you will be making 2,000 NZD per week. We believe that you
can get good future and achievements in our business.If our offer is
interesting to you, please feel free in sending a mail to our HR
office. For more information our crew of Human Resources is ready to
answer all your questions. Best Regards Solid Trades Inc.
contact [at] solidtradez [dot] com

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