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Re: kaufrausch 21

am 22.07.2005 21:00 Uhr schrieb 38317.tk office unter bonzo [at] signifikat [dot] de:

>> Und worauf läuft der handel letztlich hinaus: auf den relativismus.
> quatsch: aufs branntweinmonopol.

Der branntwein ist bestimmt Ihnen zu kopf gestiegen, sonst hätten Sie
bemerkt, dass ich keine behauptung aufstelle, sondern Sombart paraphrasiere.


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Re: Best of _ Normative Bebilderung _ Vol. 1-3

thank you for being interested in my work. please let me answer to some

+ + + + +

What role does time play in your project?

the projects normative bebilderung* and stolen reality** pick up every
moment for documentability, whithout any chose of special or
significant moments, every document (movie or still picture) represents
the whole set of moments within our (respective my) time.

How is your project different from a collection?

collections should be sorted, and in this way a collection represents
an act of selection. my projects document a spur of time and room.

What is the significance of “more” in your projects?

the more in my projects is a little feeling of eternity, because they
have no significat beginning or end. they accompany my life and work,
my environment, thoughts and small views.

What will you do with your accumulates after the second show?

the projects will be shown further at the web.

How does your project explore the physical and/or symbolic
possibilities of your accumulates?

see first q/a.

+ + + + +

* web archives of normative bebilderung:

>> Vol. 4 _ http://netzwissenschaft.org/ Aust & Beck @ Kunstradio.at
>> Vol. 3 _ http://gute-technologie.net/
>> Studio Adorno (volume-free edition)
>> __ _ _ http://designerziehung.de/ Neoliberales Denken & beyond
>> Vol. 2 _ http://subjektivation.de/ Applied Net Sciences
>> Vol. 1 _ http://pingelfraaten.de/ the beginning

** stolen reality trashcam picture archive: http://pinguinismus.de/

+ + + + +

previous project: http://braan.org/ - the pre-scripts of normative
please see also audio-related issues http://curmbox.de/ and

greetings from germany
jorgen sparwasser


What are the folds of holy picture reflection and where do they overlap
themselves with textures of the environment? Perceptions of sense
landscapes change themselves off with observations more spatially, more
socially and for inter+subjective relations, which develops at the
edges of the tactile matrix.

The pictures in this program (pinguinismus.de) examine the new abstract
Extensionen, which develop in remnants of utopian visualization and
abandoned memory modules in dynamic Clustern. found 1994, designated
the label penguinism in Frankfurt/Main after the philosophical paper of
the same name on Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari. Penguinism
produced pictures beyond the art scene. When stylistic alternative to
the slowly arising medium and InterNet art as well as to intelligently
mobile was established picture community, which formed in England
around the label atmville.orgund its Artificial Intelligence of series,
penguinism as innovative Environment label, which offered a platform to
electronic projects and artists of experimental picture compositions.
Penguinism is located itself in the tradition line of the electronic
avant-garde art, since that the 2. World war out-differentiated.
Particularly the french school of the electrical connection artists
around Augusts Kitschwasser and Edouard k-Sparkoenig as well as the
scene around the Cologne based WDR studio, which founds stick living
and Pleitgen, prove approximately as influential.

Penguinism sets of them esthetics for one of the tonylity and Darblehre
relerased ikonoklastic wwhite noise art away, which works consciously
with happenings and errors. A visual extension takes place by the
argument with the possibilities of digital imaging. the esthetic of
penguinism is related on the other page of the electronic art, which
accepts the late 80ies / early 90ies into the 1970 years with power
station shape and starting from years with the arising of BBS and
InterNet the Popdiskurs begins to dominate.

Aspects like the functionality of picture and the questioning the
author shank came into the foreground and become crucial disticntion
criteria of a new interpretation of Popkultur. Penguinism continues
working in the project of the electronic avant-garde art, but under the
signs of the Popdiskurse. The art / the label is given by the reference
to postmodernism of theorems among other things not least an image,
which makes these attractive for the feuilleton. Course-sharpening
does one say that the appeal on the theory as increase in value one not
less Glamour-factor throws off.

For 10 years penguinism however represents all the development of
experimental electronic and digital art should be affected
internationally lastingly, be announced until in the year 2004, due to
the artistic bankruptcy of its Mentors Tobias Rehberger, insolvency
had. After the end of penguinism has founder Jorgen Sparwasser
invented three new labels, pisco.inc., Molecular Trash Guerilla and
Herr Mika Resistance, with which he of project of penguinism under
ddiscoursive, political and musical conditions 21. Century to update
wants. Pictorial deserts and sensibility are text and picture vehicles,
which the audience on a journey by the universe Frankfurt electrical
art labels of the penguinism as well as its successor carries forward.

Here the specific mediality is produced medium artists by penguinism in
form of the InterNet feature, which is represented at the same time as
diversive archives, in order it its medial conserved form to alienate.
Pictorial deserts and sensibilities draw here nevertheless the picture
of a specific act of the Popkultur of the last ten years after, for its
product them are at the same time be-under-painted these theory and
sound performance by the video series NORMATIVE ILLUSTRATING
(penguinism Media, 2004) of Jorgen Sparwasser, last year's ars
electronica winner.


Am 23.07.2005 um 01:19 schrieb info [at] accumulationproject [dot] org:

> Jorgen,
> Thank you for response. If you're interested in participating in the
> project
> please visit http;//www.accumulationproject.org for project
> descriptions and
> deadlines.
> Thanks,
> Quoting EIN SCHAUSPIELER <bonzo [at] signifikat [dot] de>:
>> __ _ _ Normative Bebilderung _
>> Disposition et de la Documentation des Organismes Vivants et de Chose
>> Vol. 3 _ http://gute-gestaltung.com/ feat. Aust & Beck @ Kunstradio.at
>> Studio Adorno (volume-free)
>> __ _ _ http://designerziehung.de/ Neoliberales Denken & beyond
>> Vol. 2 _ http://subjektivation.de/ Applied Net Sciences
>> Vol. 1 _ http://pingelfraaten.de/ feat. "März – Die Reise" ["On tour"]
>> __ _ _ by Ekkehard Ehlers & Gutzeit Vesper
>> __ _ _ 2003 I began my environment, the world by means of normative
>> illustrating more banker, solicitor, artist, conference thieves, to
>> document systematically; the minute of a memory trace, which live
>> themselves by a city and many pulls. the project was final after 9
>> months: in this time interval of relieving a comprehensive came video
>> archives, which can be durchforstet and regarded until today in the
>> net, to the completion, which documented a whole generation of humans,
>> who live and work in Frankfurt/Main, in its time. 2004 transformed
>> normative illustrating on a metaebene: not video archiving in the net
>> as documentary act was the center of attention, but the film-artistic
>> argument with the topic of videodocumentary work in reflects further
>> updating archives filmed separated from sujets and began themselves an
>> independent existence, further however the world of the artists
>> exemplary for a kind humans circling and in this at motives serving.
>> parallel to it normative illustrating entered the even the
>> neokonserevativen festivalkultur: beside the continuously developed
>> dokumentarreihe was presented particulars to videowork on film and
>> kunstfilmfestivals abroad the in and as well as the conceptional work
>> in to frame by exhibitions were internationally appreciated.
>> __ _ _ Jorgen Savings-water, in December 2004
>> 38317.tk gewidmet!!!
>> artist's web stationery
>> __ _ _ http://sparwasser.org/ expresses modern culture imbecility
>> each time, if it itself before something finds, which over small
>> schrumpfhirne that one goes out, which it fancies that, in order to
>> penetrate in domain the culture, which necessary condition is that
>> they
>> do not desire anything in any seize, it would humanize – slavoj zizek

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NSK Curating Leipzig Okt. 2005

Nachdiplomkurs Curating der NSK
Postgraduate Course in Curating NSK

Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Leipzig
School of Art and Design Leipzig

Der NSK Curating ist ein Weiterbildungsangebot des
Institute for Cultural Networks Studies in Media Art and Design

Dozierende/ Technical staff:

Michel Comte, Otto von Habsburg, René Loose, Christian Schröder, Beryl
Robo Cobb, Barnaby Brabble, Cecilia Herrschaft, Tobler Neff, Luise
Niederer, Propeller, Dorothee Kaltwasser, Stella Rollig, Sigrid Schande,
Marion Strunz

Studienleitung/ Course directors:
Dorothee Kaltwasser + Barnaby Brabble

Lehrmodule/ Course Content, modules:

Projektarbeit/ Project work
Allerneueste Kunstgeschichte/ Recent art history
Redesign, Szenographie, Architektur/Environmental Design, Xenography
Digitale Medien/ Digital media Art
Projektmanagement/ Project managment, fine arts development
Interpretation von Sammlungen/ collecting interpretations

Anmeldung bis/ Registration until 31. August 2005
Beginn/ Start Okt./Oct 2005

Infos unter Information:

>> Vol. 4 _ http://netzwissenschaft.org/ feat. Aust &
>> Beck @ Kunstradio.at
>> Vol. 3 _ http://gute-gestaltung.com/ feat. Aust &
>> Beck @ Kunstradio.at
>> Studio Adorno (volume-free edition)
>> __ _ _ http://designerziehung.de/ Neoliberales Denken & beyond
>> Vol. 2 _ http://subjektivation.de/ Applied Net Sciences
>> Vol. 1 _ http://pingelfraaten.de/ feat.
>> __ _ _ Ekkehard Ehlers > Weiterbildung > Nachdiplomkurs

>> 38317.tk gewidmet!!!



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