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Weitere Events für heute (Basis, Gutleut15, Freitagsküche)

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Am kommenden Freitag, den 09.05 zeigen wir zwei Filme mit und über Edie

Wir beginnen gegen 21h mit

von John Palmer, David Weisman
USA, 1972, 84 min, S/W

Ostensibly a documentary about Edy Sedgwick, the iconic face of Andy
Warhol's Factory, CIAO! MANHATTAN is actually a scripted drama in which
all the actors play themselves. Warhol's films are often characterized
by an immediacy that creates a sense of voyeurism for the viewer.
However, this film has become a legitimate profile of ephemeral starlet
Edy Sedgwick, as well as an in-depth look at New York during the late
1960s. Edie stars as Susan, at first a topless California hitchhiker and
later a pill-popping Vogue sensation flitting about Andy Warhol's New
York scene. Susan is a disenchanted young woman who has left New York
City for her mother's home in California. Sleeping in the dilapidated
swimming pool, she is trapped in a strange world, suffocated by her
overly domestic, pie-baking mother. Her memories of New York are shown
through flashbacks, where she was part of Warhol's infamous family of
artists and eccentrics. Shocking, entertaining, and moving, CIAO!
MANHATTAN is a seminal piece of 1960s cinema that is in a genre all its own.

von George Hickenlooper
USA, 2006, 99min

Best known for playing muse to Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick was a dazzling
young socialite who found herself at the apex of the pop art scene in
1960s New York. In FACTORY GIRL, Sienna Miller is the enchanting,
enigmatic Edie, offering a moving characterization of the extremely
troubled model/actress. The film kicks off as Edie, the daughter of a
well-to-do horse rancher, leaves art school and moves to Manhattan in
the mid-'60s. Her friend Chuck Wein (Jimmy Fallon) introduces her to
Andy Warhol (Guy Pearce), and Andy is immediately taken with the
waifish, wealthy Edie. He welcomes her into his Factory, the silver
aluminum-foil covered loft where an assortment of artists and oddballs
assisted him with his projects. Edie quickly falls into the hard
partying, drug-addled scene, starring in Andy's experimental films and
becoming his constant companion. She becomes well-known for her unique
style, and the fashion industry taps her as its very first "It" girl.
Edie is flying high on Andy, speed, and stardom, when she happens to
meet the Bob Dylan-esque "Folksinger" (Hayden Christensen). She falls in
love with him, and in doing so, falls out of Andy's favor. Her drug
addiction spirals out of control, her parents cut off her cash flow, and
her very bright star seems to burn out almost as quickly as it rose. As
with most biopics, people are sure to quibble over the accuracy of
FACTORY GIRL, and whether it offers fair portrayals of so many
larger-than-life cultural icons. However, viewers are sure to agree that
it makes a poignant statement about the pitfalls of fame. When Warhol
tells Edie's mother that her daughter is going to be "super famous",
Mrs. Sedgwick coldly responds: "And what exactly would be the value of
that?" Judging from the very tragic, short life of Edie, there wasn't
much value in it at all.

Rouven und Tina

REX, Saal2
und der freitagsküche

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Stefan Beck - das seminar, 9.5.2008, 16:00 Uhr

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Stefan Beck - das seminar


Freitag, 9. Mai 2008

16:00 Uhr
- 17:00 Uhr

Dieses Ereignis wiederholt sich am zweiten Freitag jedes Monats.

Auf RadioX, live.Ich sitze allein im Radio und werde eine Stunde lang über das sprechen, was mir gerade durch den Kopf geht. Ohne Manuskript, Notizen, und ohne Musik dazwischen.


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