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CALL FOR ARTISTS: Projekt30's May Exhibition


Projekt30 is taking submissions for our new May 2009 publicly juried exhibition.

We are an artist-run arts organization dedicated to promoting emerging artists. The exhibition will include thirty artists; invitations will be sent to over 30,000 galleries, collectors, and fellow artists. Visitors have the option of contacting any participating artist with feedback or opportunities. Since 2003 over 200,000 messages have been sent to participating artists.

All artwork submitted will be presented online prior to the exhibition so visitors may help select which artists will be included in the exhibition. Unlike other juried exhibitions, all participants receive exposure.

Opens: May 1, 2009.
Public Jury: April 15, 2008 - April 29, 2008
Deadline: April 1, 2008.

Go to http://www.projekt30.com for more details.

PROJEKT30 users are saying:

"Thanks for your efforts, your patience, and your terrific web project."

"Galleries I never would have even approached asked to represent me!"

"Got my first solo exhibition, opening here in NY."

"Hi, I just wanted to tell you what a great job you are doing. My husband and I live in Atlanta and recently shopped the local galleries for a few paintings for our new house. We came home empty-handed. Then I found your site on-line. I ended up flying to Chicago for the day to visit the studio of one of your artists. I bought three paintings, the artist sent them c.o.d., and we couldn't be happier as buyers. Thanks, projekt30!"

"Your attention to detail and to artists is appreciated. It's the most amazing site. I have a friend who is about to join."

About PROJEKT30:

PROJEKT30 is an artist run arts organization. Our mission is to expose artists to "brick and mortar" galleries interested in presenting their work, private collectors, patrons, or even simply just art lovers. All of our exhibitions are "publicly juried", meaning that site visitors construct the final exhibition by rating the artworks merit. Via this system we are helping shape the art world of the twenty-first century, and endeavoring to encourage broader public interest in the fine arts.

You are receiving this invitation because you have been identified as a person involved or interested in the arts, either in a personal or professional capacity. We understand the frustration some people experience due to unwanted email: IF YOU WOULD NOT LIKE TO RECEIVE FUTURE PROJEKT30 INVITATIONS, GO TO http://www.projekt30.com/mailing_list.html TO UNSUBSCRIBE.

Should something go wrong and you continue to receive our exhibition announcements despite using the form, please contact us at admin [at] projekt30 [dot] com . Include "unsubscribe" in the subject line. Make sure to include any other email addresses which might be forwarding mail to the one you are currently using, as often that is what causes the problem.

Projekt30 ~ 233 Montrose ~ New York, NY 11206




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