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Good Holidays and Cheers to all you readers out there.

Elsewhere proudly announces the debut of our website:

Don't forget the double e. Be sure to check back regularly because we
have lots more to come, including new videos, photos, and documents.
And forward, forward, forward to anyone you know who might be
interested--so that our circulation spirals!

If you wish to be further entertained, perplexed, and jargoned, please
read on:

Well, the holiday season is before us, and so it's time for a wrap-up.
Elsewhere was pleased to host visiting artist Jane Irwin, whose
installation will be on display in our storefront window through
Christmas. So if you aren't able to see Tiffany's window this season,
stop by Elsewhere where our merchandise is so expensive you'd have to
be a granting organization to afford it.

But hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Jane's Window won't last long. Soon it will
be re-installed elsewhere, with a little "e," and we will begin placing
our next installation. Expect a winter theme, and think refrigerators,
infomercial icemakers, and things that make you say brrrr. If you have
some spare time this holiday season, drop by and join us as we root
through boxes for associated referents and try to express to
post-holiday shoppers how cold it can be on the edge of chaos. Of
course winter doesn't always have to be about death, but when we were
writing this e-mail no one was around to speak for the other side,
except the spruce trees out back, and (one more phrase stuck onto an
already stuffed sentence), everyone knows ever-greens lack perspective.

A quick, partially disjunctured note: if you are an artist and would
like to engage a personal project Elsewhere, please check out our Call
to Artist online and e-mail me for an application.

To those of you who haven't been [in--in] a while we would love to have
you back. We say this with the same vigor of your local phone company
but without the special offers.

This just in from the desk of the Red.skim, Elsewhere's premiere

Probably the Chicken...but then again, maybe the Egg
--Studio, Elsewhere. With a longer "arrrrr" than is being transcribed
here, Mr. Humpty Dumpty's alleged suicide is in fact a suspected
murder. But sources close to the King have said that Mr. Dumpty's
death was a larger plot to promote new paint jobs at Elsewhere. "He
wouldn't move his legs," one informant told the Red.skim, "It was
impossible to get a smooth stroke not to mention, [Mr. Dumpty] was a
strong supporter of the egg-shell white." The final words spoken by
Mr. Dumpty to each and every one of the King's horses, "Last one home
is a rotten egg" were declared the mad murmurs of the sadly cracked
fellow. According to intelligence Agents working for the paper, the
MURDER of Mr. Dumpty surrounded the complexities, or rather required
agents to delve into the simple notion of the inside/outside dichotomy.
Before Mr. Humpty fell, the cracked, off-white walls, were hardly
inspiring, leaving the artists Elsewhere, outside the inner core of
their inspiration. But now, with the dark blue, marigold, and green
shades, Elsewhere really does appear to be inside a child's building
block...but then again, the egg.
In the midst of a whirlwind of denials, the King has dumped Archibald
Stewinsky, top cabinet official handling the Dumpty case and other
poultry related policy. In Stewinsky's conception speech, the official
spoke bitterly and honestly about the administration. "The
administration has wanted to paint those walls ever since they were
first painted. Dumpty sat in the way, and so Dumpty had to be
However, the Red.skim, not wishing you put all its journalistic
scrutiny into one basket, and recognizing that there were no witnesses
before the Administration's arrival on the scene is leaning toward
placing blame before horse. In a recent statement by Red.skim Editor
In Chief, Noopy Noop, subsequently ignored by the Op-Ed page (no one
reads past the first column), "Despite the many papers we could sell,
we, as a journalistic entity, must recognize that all the facts are not
in. We can not rule out the single most important feature of this
story, left till the end to reward the most diligent readers, that
Humpty Dumpty was reading his own book while sitting upon a desk that
depicted his own fall. Can you imagine Mr. Dumpty's disquieted
thoughts as he arrived to the end of his own store? And is not suicide
a most self proclaiming prophesy?" Turning to his readers he remarked,
"mirror mirror on the wall."

Using a re(a)d holiday bow to tie up an e-mail that has wandered more
than Joseph and Mary looking for a place to rest, We at Elsewhere
would like to wish you and someone, a healthy and creative holiday


The Ark Across Time

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