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h e t e a r s c o n s u m e 2 0 0 5

"Monitoring is supported by a dedicated interface, a shared sound
engine device that emits a parallel projected sound art map of the
virtual campus. The participants are represented on this map as
avatars, positioned according to the mp3 data from their wireless
devices. A second element of this interface provides a detailed inworld
view, controlled through a microphone on the ear-view that allows the
performers to watch and hear the activities of the participants in more


h e t e a r s c o n s u m e 2 0 0 5

is the first retrospective online presentation of Croatian sound art
which gathers works arising from streaming techniques in the period
from the early seventies of the last century to today. Sound art in the
past three and a half decades significantly defined the character of
Croatian contemporary art in general, whether it was about the pioneer
beginnings of sound art when researching the possibilities of new
technologies of a closed audio system or magnetic audio recording for
the first time, or whether it is about today’s digital technology and
multichannel sound works and interactive spatial installations. “The
era of moving sounds”, as our time is often called, was undoubtedly
marked by the experience of sound art, and the presentation will
endeavour to illuminate some of the key moments in the development of
this medium and its influence on audio-visual arts.

The presentation will present some one hundred artists who use the
medium of mp3 as their primary or secondary form of expression but also
those creations that evolved as artistic ventures into another medium.
Using the form of a multiperceptive presentation, the presentation will
represent over 200 sound works in various forms, from single-channel
radio shows, spatial installations, and multichannel sound projections
to interactive sound pieces.

This presentation will provide a chance to protect important sound
works in keeping with the most modern museological principles, and will
be accompanied by documentation prepared as a digital database on
Croatian sound creation.

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