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Vernissage TV News, March 27, 2006.

The most recent episodes on VernissageTV video podcast cover interviews
and no comment footage of the Armory Show weekend New York, Matisse at
Fondation Beyeler Basel and Fine Art Fair Frankfurt.

>>> Interviews and no comment footage of The Armory Show, Scope, Pulse,
>>> LA ART, DIVA, New York:

> Marisa Olson / All Systems Go! / Rhizome.org / Pulse / Interview
> Lee Wells / Cinemascope / Perpetual Art Machine / Pulse / Interview
> Katrin Korfmann / grey, 12 min 30 sec / Art Affairs / Scope
> Anita Beckers / Galerie Anita Beckers / Interview
> Rodney Swanstrom / TransPod / Walsh Gallery / DiVA New York / Interview
> Jongbum Choi / Walsh Gallery / DiVA New York
> Carmen Mc Leod / Nathan Larramendy Gallery / Pulse / Interview
> (Theodore Bouloukos)
> David Quadrini / Q.E.D. / LA Art / Interview
> Susan de Voldère / Virgil de Voldère Gallery / Pulse / Interview
> (Theodore Bouloukos)
> Walter Maciel / Walter Maciel Gallery / Pulse / Interview (Theodore
> Bouloukos)
> Michele Pred / Nancy Hoffman Gallery / Scope / Interview
> The Armory Show 2006 New York part 2
> Heather Stephens / 31GRAND / Scope / Interview
> Kavi Gupta Gallery / The Armory Show / Interview
> LA Art in New York 2006
> Scope Art Fair New York 2006
> Michael Schultz / Galerie Michael Schultz / Pulse / Interview
> (Theodore Bouloukos)
> Chris Taylor / Museum 52 / Pulse / Interview (Theodore Bouloukos)
> Volker Diehl / Galerie Volker Diehl / Interview (Theodore Bouloukos)
> Steve Zavattero / Heather Marx Gallery / Interview (Theodore Bouloukos)
> Interview with Helen Allen, director of Pulse Art Fair / Interview
> (Theodore Bouloukos)
> The Armory Show 2006 New York
> DiVA 2006 New York

>>> Matisse at Fondation Beyeler, Basel

>>> Fine Art Fair Frankfurt, Frankfurt / Main

> Jonathan Meese and Tal R at Fine Art Frankfurt
> Fine Art Fair Frankfurt 2006
> Nikola Dietrich / Charity Auction Portikus / Fine Art Fair Frankfurt
> Dr. Julian Heynen / German AIDS Foundation Beneficial Art Auction /
> Fine Art Fair Frankfurt

VernissageTV is featured in iTunes and can easily be subscribed to via
iTunes and its podcast directory or the videocast's homepage at
http://www.vernissage.tv/. All episodes are compatible with the iPod
with video functionality. VernissageTV recommends iTunes to subscribe
and watch VernissageTV but other RSS newsreaders or Video Podcast
viewers like FireAnt and DTV can be used as well. Subscribe with the
following address: http://feeds.feedburner.com/VernissageTV.

About VernissageTV
VernissageTV (VTV) takes you to opening receptions of exhibitions and
events. VernissageTV provides insight into the social side of the world
of art, design and architecture. VernissageTV is talking with artists,
curators and gallery owners in a relaxed style. VernissageTV is a video
podcast that is widely distributed through RSS. Episodes can be viewed
on computer, iPod with video functionality and TV set. VernissageTV is
an open nonprofit network based in Basel, Switzerland, with
correspondents worldwide. VernissageTV is offering special services for
exhibition venues.

Website: http://www.vernissage.tv
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