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Re: martin kippenberger has left the building

hello all,

my intentions are on one side, to refer just to martin himself, and one
of his most famous paintigs is "ich kann beim besten willen kein
hakenkreut darauf erkennen", now owned by collector mick flick. i did
not realized that this work would be totally unknown. on the other
side, i want to recall this "nazi"-thing. most people, in the art world
too, want to forget, or nothing to know., they are born later than ww2
ended, and so on. i'm 1/8 jewish, and i hate nazis, i hate artists who
like to make clean art and clean business inside a clean social
enmvironment, because that will claim that the "nazi geist" is still
around us.

thank you.


Am 07.04.2006 um 18:22 schrieb Regina Pinto:

Dear Beate and all,

I visited your work and liked, specially the sound. But...

Martin kippenberger is a polemic artist.
Also your text: "ich kann beim besten willen kein hakenkreuz darin" =
+- "I can recognize with the best sake no swastika therein" has
bestirred me.
Also the fact that you sent this email to my other email which is not
the email I use in rhizome. I do not know you from another list.
We have never talked before.
Are you trying to tell me anything? I would like to understand why you
sent me this work privately.
My ancestors were JEWISH if you are interested about this. Please,
tell me the truth!
It is so absurd that one can imagine this that I am a nazzy that I am
completely astonished!
My works are not polemic, can you tell me which is the work I did
which is polemic?
Have you seen any suastic in one of them? Please, tell me! Be sincere!
Perhaps the polemic is in your eyes or in the eyes of the one that is
spreading this, do you know him /her? Tell me please from whom you
received this information.
It seems to me that you are accusing me, if you are you doing this, are
you based on what? Could you explain me? I do not think that it is
ethical, do you?
The last evenements in Rizome made me stressed just because I did not
know of what I have been acused.
I have been sick, with hight blood pressure. Also I am not posting
because I do not like to cause problems, mainly if people do not do
direct accusations.
Please, be direct just like I am being, okay?
Let's decide this forever, please!

I know who I am and I do not deserve this at all

If I am imagining things, my sincere apologies!

All best,


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> martin kippenberger has left the building
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