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Ladies and Gentleman. We are proud to present, Hektor - The Singing
Bulldog as art, curated by Udo Kittelmann & The Grrrlz. The exhibition
includes 2 art pieces from the Dogg Boys Netwok, each recognized for
excellence in its respective fields. This exhibition will run from
today and will ever growing. An opening reception will be held NOW.

The participating artist has been invited to attack, attach, embellish,
conceptualize, restructure or otherwise enhance a simple dogg style,
approach, and life. The artist has demonstrated that the path to
interpretation is a wide one. He has all explored a wide variety of
techniques while using an interesting variety of materials in his
creations, and has decited top chose the comprehensive arts principle
of NORMATIVE BEBILDERUNG. This invitational show includes pictures from
various disciplines including sculpture, experimental, doggy, piss,
encaustic, found object assemblage and mentalsmithing. With that, this
show is one of variety and artistry that explores the concept of the
DOGG - a simple animal but one with deep cultural roots and upcoming

Ladies an Gentlemen.

Hektor - The Singing Bulldog
or t h e d i f f é r a n c e f r o m a i m t o g o a l

Inaugural Exhibition

how to make a bulldog sing
experimental movie

dog's tongues in aspic
documentary picture

More to come soon.



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