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real creative INDUSTRIAL NOISE culture of hessen TONIGHT

Come see real creative INDUSTRIAL NOISE culture of hessen TONIGHT!








19:00 punktlich

atelierhaus B71

bettinastraße 71-73 (hinterhaus)

63067 offenbach

sbahn-OF ledermusem

anfahrt über offenbach kaiserlei kreisel, abfahrt novotel bzw. offenbach

? an der nächsten ampel links der vorfahrtstraße folgen und in den

einbiegen ? an der nächsten ampel rechts in die bettinastrasse einbiegen
? das

atelierhaus liegt auf der linken seite direkt nach der druckerei im

? bitte im hof nicht parken, nur für anwohner!

SLITHER is straight from the barf house of reeds, electronics and

tapes. heath moerland (sick llama) : clarinet. chris pottinger (cotton

museum) : alto sax. slo-mo pathless ways pass through dark Earth

deteriation and lighthouses where no water is in sight.

SIXES makes the soundtrack to a blistering dystopian parallel world of

busted tapes and electronics, lurking beneath the surface of all

that's rust, glamour, decay and shine. Causing either an oppressive

paralyzation, the urgent need to topple cities, and/or hell to others.

Not pretty.

Beginning in the late 80s as AZOG, SIXES has performed solo, recorded,

organized shows, and toured the last decade and a half. Also members

of Physics, Crash Worship, Serpents, and formed 66Mutations with

(Chronicles of Lemur Mutation of Brainoil and Laudanum), Man Slaughter

(PC of Total Shutdown and NVHarm of Comets on Fire). Also performs

with Dave Ed of Neurosis, Murder Murder, and Deathroes with Gerritt.

Started Pure Studios in San Diego (Crash Worship Headquarters 94-00)

and Terminal Studios (speakeasy music venue hosting 100s of national /

international underground acts 2000-present)

SIXES also toured with and on site sound engineer for the 2006 Wolf

Eyes 'Human Animal' tour with John Wiese, Sick Llama, Raven Strain.

Also toured with such acts as Chronicles of Lemur Mutation, Withdrawl

Method, Gerritt, Caroliner, Jason Zeh, 2673, 16Bitch Pile-Up and

playing with countless others.

Line 3


The Thing Frankfurt

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Stefan Beck
Hohenstaufenstr. 8
60327 Frankfurt
T. ++49-(0)69 - 741 02 10

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