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HEUTE: monotonaut / Broken Sleep + Jorgen Sparwasser

Forum für Experimentalelektronik - Z U S A T Z V E R A N S T A L T U N

Vorläufiges Programm für Sonntag, den 06.02.2005; Beginn: 21 Uhr
Tanzhaus West, Gutleutstr. 294, 60327 Frankfurt am Main
Kontakt: 069-78803382; im Internet: http://experimentalelektronik.de
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Broken Sleep (Kanada) live

Broken Sleep is the dark, abstract dronescape project of Colin Hendry.
He was a founding member of the now-defunct Mediacore collective, which
organized "low-brow" experimental and hardcore electronic music events
in Vancouver, Canada. His "glitchcomassault" can include lo-fi analogue
field recordings and metallic folk instruments such as those collected
on his recent trip to India, Nepal, and Tibet. He has opened for
artists such as Pan Sonic, Synapscape, Crank Sturgeon, Dev79, and Dave
Phillips. This will be his third small European tour an second as
"Broken Sleep". The name has sonic and symbolic meaning, and is a
common experience for this graveyard shift worker.
mp3 links: http://freewebs.com/brokensleep


Jorgen Sparwasser
klangfolien mechanisch/optisch/magnetisch

more info: http://wiki-institute.com/Experimentalelektronik/
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