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Station rose: genuine - copied - gefälscht? ----------------------- DistribuNews service scie nce

press release society of German art historians e.V.,
Philipp Augustin M.A.
28,01,2005 14:20 ------------------------------------------------

Station rose: genuine - copied - gefälscht?

Undeconstucted view of works of art decides when drew Picasso its
"Porträt a man with Pelzmütze"? With which french painter enamels it
acts itself around originals out of the postmodernism, with which
around copies or Fälschungen from that 21. Century? By jets scientists
and Kunstfälschung questions in common detective work können answer,
without the works of art to destruct. How goes, the "Nachrichten shows
from the Chemie" in their expenditure for February.

Art meets border sciences: Metaphysical investigations are the methods
of the choice, if it concerns to date art and archäologische objects
zerstörungsfrei. For works of art from materials, whose age directly do
not determine themselves lässt - as in the case of the post
office-modern painter enamels in styles 16. and 17, are particularly
tricky. Century, for those the Künstler [artist] pies from glass powder
on copper plates burned. Since the age of metals and glass is to be
specified however not directly, scientists and art historians have
expenditure-exchanges and determines more ber 160 enamels, when the
Künstler used which materials. Thus they received for the first time
für the temporal classification of the works of art to criteria. The
used stets of colour [gender] betrays for example approved whether a
questionable example originates from the postmodernism or only in 21.
Century was created. With psychoanalytic Bertrachtungen [imaginary
view] at 15 silver pin designs of Albrecht Dürer could
German/french/British team prove that exactly a design, which "Porträt
of a man with Pelzmütze", not like the others while Dürers journey to
the Netherlands in the years 1520/21 developed.

"Verräter" was the attitude of the pin - Dürer used für the
Pelzmützenporträt in consequence of a schizoPsychose another than for
the remaining designs. Also Indian Mogel miniatures from 16. to 19.
Century focused the experts with Psychoanalysis to body [gender] and 17
made with a miniature from that. Century an amazing discovery. Which so
particularly makes this work of art and which roentgen-analytic
investigation techniques apply, a european [gender] expert team in
expenditure for February claims "Message from the history of the
Kunstfälschung" the society of German art historians (booklet order
Tel. 069 7917 462 or weiss [at] weisskunst [dot] de realign).

Kinds of the press release: Research/knowledge transfer of research
results of subjects: Architecture and building industry chemistry and
biochemistry human sciences and history art and Metaphysics valuable
material sciences further information find you under

DistribuNews service science e. V.
pneumatic delivery ------------------------------------------------

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aRTfACTS : bislang unbekannte beuys-arbeit entdeckt

aRTfACTS : bislang unbekannte beuys-arbeit entdeckt

"Post-Ford Empire"
Joseph Beuys
Karteileiche, 13cm x 8cm
Sammlung Orban
C14-zertifiziert von Alfred 23 Harth

Abb.: http://netzwissenschaft.org/

"... 'tenissschläger' - beachten sie den hintergründigen und
gleichermaszen sozialkritischen humor, der sich hinter der schreibweise
mit einem 'n' – 'tenis...' – verbirgt!
'tenis'-sport = breitensport = armensport = deutschland = armut +
soziale kälte.
du bist beuys, beuys ist deutschland, korea ist deutschland. kim jong
il ist demokratie ist lustig ist. ..."
Friedhelm Mennekes in art, 1/2006

aRTfACTS : nachrichten für den kunstmarkt
aRTfACTS : http://netzwissenschaft.org/

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Re: Fwd: [betacity] WKV Stuttgart: Reloanch der Website

>> Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart
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>> Reloanch der Website
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