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Fwd: [spectre] The Cinema of the Balcans

> NORMATIVE BEBILDERUNG are proud to announce the launch of
> The New Cinema of the Balcans, curated by Marina Navratilova,
> co-curated by Fela Tito-Hercegovina
> Please join us for some non-alcoholic drinks and a representation of
> the site, the latest in the 15 Frames series on national and regional
> internet art cinema from around the world
> 18.00 Saturday 12th August 2006
> BuyWeb, Café Interneti, Zelenih beretki 8, National Soft Art Gallery,
> Sarajevo
> http://subjektivation.de/the-big-picture/
> There will also be an informal discussion around issues of
> contemporary Balcan art with
> Zampa di Leone, director of the Balcan Intentional Arse Festival
> Andreas Broeckmann, designated director of the Sarajevo International
> Media Arts Festival
> Kassandra Romanova, writer, artist and producer of Severed Public Art
> Spaces in Sarajevo (2004)
> Suzana Majerowa, former member of NSK (2003-2004)
> All are welcome to the launch and presentation, and so please do
> forward this information to whomever you feel may be interested. Thank
> you.
> http://www.artificial.dk/blog/readme%20008.jpg
> http://www.fehe.org/uploads/pics/1lenahouston.jpg
> http://www.zampa.com/images/zampa.gif
> http://www.romanov.org/
> http://www.nskstate.com/

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