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Freitag 18 Aug. Live- Crank Sturgeon,Buckettovsissors,Limmy Wings/ Offenbach


CRANK STURGEON- junk noise, dada faux pas, actionist ethos (act-shun
pathos), fisch kopf psychedelia, non-art performance-art, nothing too
serious (and yet serious enough to keep doing it). Crank Sturgeon has
been active in the periphery of noise and performance since 1992. Not
content with the rules of the scene, Sturgeon invoked his skills from
his alma mater to de-create his form of noise (skills which by no
coincidence, were schooled in Happenings, Futurism, video art, and art
terrorism). Learning also that by injecting humor, stories, pun, and
gibberish into the experiment, the shape of things became more
personal and likewise (as with life), ever-changing. In order to
improve, develop, and continue with the theme of LOUD LIFE, everything
must get rewired, inverted, and dropped on its head (not just pulling
new sounds from old devices; but contraptions, costumes, and methods
of presentation). Armed with voice, guitar, contact microphones, junk
metal, tape machines, and a scrappy costume in tow, the show desires
to engage sonic expression and visual distortion; the cause and effect
becoming simultaneously caustic and celebratory. That would be the
hope at least, in matters of fishnoise and man.
Video of Crank Sturgeon

BUCKETTOVSISSORS- Before the window blind of the purged lecture-room
Buckettovsissors acted like a diagonal lecturer, who the manuscript
had been misplaced. And see there, Noise permitted also some dance
steps. To the imitation recommended (with ear plugs).

Home Entertainment
24 Kraftstr. Offenbach am Main
info: 069-65600665
20:00uhr PUNKTLICH
und später party

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