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New Photo Album out NOW! Negri-Hartz "Phlickr Tip Album"

New Photo Album out NOW!


"Phlickr Tip Album"

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1 Photo Share Is In the Web 00:45
2 Phlickr Tip, Baby! 01:22
3 Nude Women Man Eater 02:26
4 Benjamin Rhapsody 02:50
5 C.Löser Dt. Vers. 03:05
6 Vor 300 Millionen Jahren 02:27
7 Pixbimser 00:32
8 Tabula Raza 06:28
9 In My Darkroom 02:44

Phlickr Tip, Baby!

(Negri-Hartz/Phlickr Tip)

I don't know what Phlickr is
Ich habe keine Ahnung, was ein PC ist!
I like to shoot my puppies

Damned Shoot
Shoot it!
Shoot it with Phlickr Tip, Baby!

My computer has them all
Mobile phones are my first cameras
I do believe in people against photographers

Damned supermen
Fuck them!
Fuck them with Phlickr Tip, Baby!

Damned Phlickr-Tripper
Fuck them with Phlickr Tip, Baby!

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