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Dear friends and colleagues.

It has been a busy period for Bonzo and his dogs and so will be the time
ahead. We are glad that our performance "WURMBOX: art of wurms" was
mentioned as best performance 2004 by Elke Loetterle in the annual critics
review of the belgian newspapers "De Liberalist" and within the best 5
performances 2004 by Jorge Siedlje from "De Ateliejs".

Well if this isn't a reason to celebrate! Hurra hurra!

The premiere of "directory : malzaca schlepa" at the "westend 05/ know your
rights" festival in Leipzig went very, very well. It will be presented at
deThingle in November in case you've missed it....

We are looking forward to start with our work "directory: schreina schlepa"
together with performers from Sofia and Bucarest, as well as with the
composer Hubert Machnik from Frankfurt a. M. and the stage designer whats
his name? from Marseille / Frankfurt a.M.

"directory: schreina schlepa" will premiere next February at DeThingle in
Antwerp. Further we will combine "directory: bonzo endless" and "directory:
malzaca schlepa" (don't worry there will be an intermission, of course). We
will present both of them also next February at Kunstencentrum Schafhausen.

We are happy to announce that our work, well. We dont really know what to
write next. We are just copying something, which we dont understand, we
miserable creatures. Can someone help us, pleese?

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