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GRUENREKORDER AUDIOART COMPILATION 02 (compilation CD by Gruenrekorder)
More releases from the label Gruen Rekorder, from Frankfurt am Main,
specializes in music made with field recordings. More than the previous
'Der Michel Und Der Dom' (see Vital Weekly 470), this new compilation
serves as a mission statement of the label. The booklet has seven texts
(out of 81) which describes what Gruenrekorder Music is all about, which
field recordings, musical structures, nature but also sound poetry and
listening. Which is what we get on this lengthy compilation. Nineteen
pieces of experimental music (Suspicion Breeds Confidence, Waldlust),
field recordings (Costa Gröhn, Lasse-Marc Riek, Etzin), improvisation
Gran Ou Lee, Thomas Siefert) and sound poetry (by Dirk Hüls Trunk). A
pretty varied bunch of musical directions here, but it somehow makes
all together. As a mission statement it works quite well, without any
high-flyers here.

COSTA GRÖHN - IM GEHÖLZ (CDR by Gruenrekorder)
Costa Gröhn's treats the field recordings inside the computer in twenty-
one short compositions, which display a great sense for detail and
dynamics. His music bounces back and forth between the inaudible and the
more present, louder parts. It's hard to view this as a work with so
compositions as it runs very nicely as a whole. This could easily be one
composition. The field recordings are pretty much well-transformed
the original, but of and on, children voices and bird calls sound
A captivating work throughout.

LASSE-MARC RIEK - HÖREN (CDR by Gruenrekorder)
The likewise new name Lasse-Marc Riek presents 'Hören', meaning:
'listening'. He has forty-one small field recordings from 1999 up to
He presents them as they are: a skateboard, a plane, the metro, the car
etc. He does not add anything such as processing or anything else. It's
likewise fascinating journey. The recordings are quite nice to listen
even when it's not always clear: in the piece 'Das Flugzeug 01', there
indeed a plane, but the birds sound much clearer through. And, although
I'm not sure if you would run into trouble with the composer, these raw,
unprocessed sounds could easily serve for the more adventurous

(FdW) VITAL WEEKLY number 491 , week 36


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