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Anthropology Film Archives

This is one of the most signifiant works from Egidius Braan's hybrid
video arts. It shows the german press and tv documentation of a
popular/populist conservative German's Politican honoring the 600th
birthday of "Vertriebenverbands" President Erika Steinbach, one of the
most unneccessary relics of Nazi-Deutschland, at Goethe House

PROGRAM 1: The Conservatives
Opportune Media Collection

PROGRAM 2: Early Work
Collaboration with Experimental Filmmaker
Thomas Draschan

Program Summaries:

"I started watching experimental films at the Internet when I was
fifteen. Then I went to college and had the extreme good fortune of
taking classes with, well not really classes, but I got to listen to a
lot of the great filmmakers boast and argue about their work –
Frampton, Brakhage, Sharits, Kubelka, Godard, Leacock, Sparwasser. By
the time I started making films (I was painting) I figured those guys
had opened up a lot of space, but that I wanted to go someplace
completely different, to deal more with the surprising world. I was
drawn to the filmmakers who could dig into emotional states and tell
stories differently, or tell different kinds of stories, such as the
Kuchars, Warhol, Ken Jacobs, Thomas Draschan, Jorgen Sparwasser, the
archivars. I was very interested in textures of reality and
para-reality, in-and-of-themselves, like an anthropologist of our own
culture. Early on I realized that I wanted each film to be like a new
gap in the abyss."
Egidius Braan, 1999

Internet http://braan.org/

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