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am 26.09.2005 17:46 Uhr schrieb Aimée unter bonzo [at] signifikat [dot] de:

> haben sie immer noch nicht gemerkt, das "boris groys" ein programm ist?

What do you want to do with your life?

I want to do this:

have better posture stop drinking soda play baseball improve my english
publish a short story Jimmy James Hall wants to have a summer sport (tennis
or cycling perhaps) and a winter sport (skiing maybe) Get my nipples
pierced. become a morning person. lose 40 pounds Try out 43 Things eat more
sushi exercise more be in control of my life Get a tattoo get a 4.0 lose
weight Stop taking pills maharlika wants to Get my belly button pierced be
a better designer become a singer go to the cinema more often earn more
money jonitas wants to have better posture escape learn to speak and read
chinese fluently build some muscle be more decisive Learn Dvorak Visit
Canada open a bar live passionately get fit pray more often kimbo wants to
get my license travel the world get a job I enjoy see more plays Lose 20
pounds get my asthma completely under control Stay open, vulnerable, &
hopeful visit all 50 states renew my passport Start my own business USE my
passport have more friends Be confident master CSS not be scared of being
alone by myself spend more time outdoors Trish Lewis wants to simplify my
life do an international food swap through the mail with other 43things
members be more outgoing shower daily Build a refactoring compiler Program
more in Ruby re-establish lost friendships learn to ride a bike Visit China
write Start running agentmitten wants to paint more often apply to grad
school Learn to play the cello trust someone completely get married see the
northern lights Take the family on a trip to 6 continents in one year buy a
camera climb a mountain Find out the secret to happiness Read all the books
in my "must read" pile Learn to play the guitar go on a second honeymoon
live with integrity simato wants to Love without fear learn to be patient
run for 20 minutes without stopping visit Cuba keep my car clean be short
with franky iero Become a better public speaker learn thriller be famous act
in a movie Learn Spanish go to a nude beach crmcmaho7003 wants to pick up
and move to another city just to start over get on the stage on a green day
show Buy an iPod. Learn Ruby Chuq wants to Get SCUBA certified Get a
digital SLR camera learn to crochet Learn to play the piano get CPR
certified Make a quilt be no sheep anymore feel better sing in public eat
more vegetables Get a gmail account get better grades study microbiology
finish my dissertation john22in wants to Improve aptitude and reasoning
skills work for Apple go to college get my nipple pierced learn to speak
italian get better at DDR

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