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Fwd: Call for Participation: Experimental Exhibition - "Summer of MySpace"

Call for Participation:
“The Summer of MySpace” – an online exhibition
Curated by Patrick Lichty – The Curator of MySpace
myspace [at] voyd [dot] com
Friend Request Dates – 5/21/06 – 8/31/06
MySpace is a cultural phenomenon.  Millions of people have poured their
lives into this online community, making it the most successful to
date, surpassing Friendster, Xuqa, and Facebook. Millions of hours of
creative time by its users, aspiring bands, models, and magazines have
been placed into this online agora.  But is MySpace a creative space?

”Summer of MySpace” asks a number of questions about this burgeoning
hang-out haven:
Has MySpace become a new art medium or New Media/Net artform, or can it
be used as one? 
Can the selection of ‘friends’ and their spaces be called a form of
In making profiles, do we make ourselves into art objects?
What does it mean to ask to be a ‘friend’?  Is a form of curation?
Is MySpace merely a space for the colonization of youth culture by
corporations and consumer culture? 
Is MySpace’s success representative of a truly new form of community?
What other questions about relationships, society, art, and culture
does MySpace present?
Is MySpace limited by the way it’s made, or can we subvert the profile
for our own desires?
“Summer of MySpace” fires a probe into this unknown territory, asking
all these questions, and setting up a stage for the Internet Summer of
Love of the 00’s. 
Come, be my friend.  Let me show you as a shiny new piece of art.  Let
us curate and be curated, befriend and be befriended in this brave new
land of joy and irony.
Let’s see what happens.  Get on the magic bus.
Submission Procedure:
All you need to do is to set up a profile, make it into an ‘artwork’,
make yourself into an ‘artwork’, make a place for your ’artwork’, and
ask me to be your friend.  That’s what curation is all about, isn’t it?
The rest is up to us!
Peace, all!
-Patrick Lichty
(The Curator of MySpace)

| interlinking of media
| practice with gender related issues

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