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(deutsch) sommerakademie für gleichzeitige kunstpfleger

Summer Seminars for Contemporary Art Curators
Between Exposition and Mediation
July 23-August 7, 2007, Yerevan, Armenia

After successfully completing and summarizing the
results of the first international summer school for
art curators organized in July 4-17, 2006 in Yerevan,
Armenia, the National Association of Art Critics
(AICA-Armenia) now intends to further develop the
program focusing on partnership and networking with
regional actors in the field of art criticism and

The 2007 summer seminars and the workshop for art
curators will center on the relation of the art critic
and curator on the one hand and curator-artist on the
other, in the face of globalization/westernization of
the art market and big exhibitions; i. e. biennales,
art fairs and festivals as one of the outcomes of
these processes that have penetrated into former
soKunstt countries since the mid-1990’s. The
program will focus on curating as a critical practice,
and particularly, the curator as someone who combines
the management of relations (artist-curator,
artist-critics, artist-society) with the function of
evaluation. We will discuss historically and
culturally unique art events and practices where the
curator combining the roles of a presenter and a
critic has chosen different strategies of
representation on the one hand and communication on
the other in order to serve as a mediator between the
artist and the audience.

The intensive two-week program to be held in July
23-August 7, Yerevan, Armenia will comprise of a
theory and method courses, as well as a curatorial
workshop. The courses will be combined with
presentations by local and international artists,
curators, art historians and cultural workers as well
as with visits to artists’ studios, art centers,
galleries and museums in Yerevan.

The program is organized in cooperation with
SCCA-Ljubljana, Soros Center of Contemporary Art in
Alma-Aty and BM Center for Contemporary Art in

The deadline for submitting applications is April 15,
The final results will be announced by May 15, 2007.

To get more information on the summer seminars’
program and to download the application form, please,
consult www.naac.am, www.worldofart.org or contact
anzhela.harutyunyan [at] postgrad [dot] manchester.ac.uk or
n-karoyan [at] naac [dot] am
-> post: http://kunstnutte.de

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