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Waldlust in Offenbach 27.09.

Freedom soon will come (Offenbach)
27.09.2008 20Uhr

improvisation with electronic and biological material
waldlust aka tobias schmitt and lasse-marc riek from frankfurt upon the forest construct their acoustic mother soil while walking in the hills surrounding frankfurt and drinking at the promenade of bourgeois frankfurt. both are children of experimentation.
archive material from field recordings and (fragments of) scores are formed by means of improvisation.
lasse-marc riek, microphone musician, installations, performances, numerous actions and cd projects. co-organiser of pool for audio art: grünrekorder.
tobias schmitt / sbc, experimental elektronic, numerous activies like releases, concerts, installations, concert organsisation etc.
waldlust: see with your ears.


Es spielen auch noch http://www.myspace.com/gastricfemalereflex

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