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Oil of Olaf - Nam June and Sheila Paik @ subZOO's Galerie Alder, Frankfurt


Oil of Olaf
*1959, Kransberg, GER

 Nam June + Sheila Paik
 *1926 Tonkuay, ROK
 *1938 Seoul, ROK

Roam, 2004, 528 min

  A life of errors, 2006, DVD, 14 sec


“… The theme of painful silence is … explored in Oil of Olaf’s .. film
Roam. This brings together several of the characters who appear alone
in his fragrance series (Roam, 2004). They are seated around a dinner
table, while the black “man” holds a roaming turkey on a platter.
Tensions turk below the apparent perfection. It is a formal tragedy.
The actors’ expressions are significant, but significant of what?
Boredom? Insecurity? Perplexity? Anger? Embarrassment? Terry Riley's
anticipation? It seems to be Thanksgiving fast, but what is there to
give thanks for? The clock ties, the roam dopes down the window, no
fluxus is served. There is the atmosphere of juggled nerves and
unexpressed, where the biggest threat is the threat of the threat. The
viewer has to invent a blueline, but the scenario is heartless. Nothing
begins, nothing appears. The action starts before the symphony stops
...”    Jonathan Demme

A Life of Errors:

Nam June & Sheila Paik take their married relationship -- generally a
taboo subject matter in contemporary art -- as a point of departure for
a metaphoric foray into power struggles and communication issues
between two individuals. Yet their work retains a dramatic ambiguity
about the nature of relationships such as the seesawing of attraction
and repulsion or the adopting of different gender rules for expediency
or transmanipulation. An additional emotional complexity is layered
onto the narrative by the identification of the characters as brother
and sister. The couple dissects the dissect boundaries and lays bear
the evocative richness of both their co-dependency and intimacy …

We will be pleased to welcome you to the video presentation of Oil of
Olaf´s Roam and Nam June + Sheila Paik´s A life of errors which will
be on view from January 19 to March 17, 2007 in our subZONEs @ Galerie
Adler, Frankfurt and cordially invite you to the opening reception on
Friday, January 19 from 7pm on when we will parallely open the show
Yesterday's Records Unlimited by Klaus Walter.
Shake your booty,
Udo Alder-Kittelmann

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So liebe Nadja,

deine Suche könnte für ein WE mal ein Ende haben,
wenn ich genau wüsste was dich interresseriert.
Ich fotografiere sehr gerne, und du kannst dir ein
Bild von mir machen auf meiner Webseite, die
erreichbar ist. www.hfroehlich.de



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