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montag: privatalektro in frankfurt

montag, 11. juli 2005, 20:00 uhr @ C U R M B O X

privatelektro kunstlicker summer tour 2005

[sic] - jen morrris - squirrelgirl rec. - canada
triPhaze - privatelektro - germany
rob curgenven - privatelektro - australia

Like her counterpart I8U, Jen Morris is a Montreal based female
electronic musician who is most certainly giving the rest of her laptop
toting compatriots a run for their money. Unlike most of her shaven
headed peers, who often load up the latest plug-in du jour and make
another Autechre CD, Jenn Morris aka [sic] has forgone the use of
traditional computer and sequence based setups and instead has dived
head first into the deep end of analogue synthesis, and has created one
of the most interesting and hauntingly beautiful releases we've heard
in this genre recently.

triPhaze is working in the context of soundscapes, experimental sounds,
video, media art and networking. this page is featuring music, sounds
and documentations of his art - projects and installations... triPhaze
studied fotografie@ the academy of visual arts / leipzig / D / and time
based art / dundee / scotland

Buses, a series of cars – most notably a 1979 Valiant – and a prawn
trawler (with a engine in E flat) were part of a 50,000 kilometre amble
around and across Australia in 1999, taking Rob Curgenven from the
teeming cities to the magnetic mounds of termites and endless
landscapes of the Northern Territory. The past five years working in
health, art, radio and in Indigenous communities in the tropics, desert
and among the ranges, have shaped his approach to field recordings,
harmonics and the overlooked elements of ordinary acoustics that evoke
these atemporal, open spaces.
eintritt 8 euro

C U R M B O X raum fur elektronische u neue musik
gutleutstrasse 15
60329 frankfurt am main
u123 willy brandt platz

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