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Fwd: Ausstellung/Exhibition Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson

Eröffnung/Opening: Freitag, 21. Oktober, 19 bis 21 Uhr
Ausstellungsdauer/exhibition dates: 22. Oktober bis 28. November 2005
Öffnungszeiten/Opening hours: Di - Fr 13 bis 18 Uhr, Sa 12 bis 16 Uhr


Galerie Parisa Kind
Fahrgasse 7 60311 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: 069-29 72 88 40 Fax: 069-96 37 48 85
www.parisakind.de info [at] parisakind [dot] de

Press release

Richard Jackson was born in 1939 in Sacramento/CA. His work crosses
over into different mediums: including painting, sculpture,
installation, and performance. Jackson's early pieces used paint and
canvas to create large-scale sculptural works. Many of them engage in a
comical send-up of abstract painting, in which its conventions are less
broken than turned upside-down or even expanded. In many of these early
works, he used the painted canvas as a brush, dragging it across to
other canvases or even the wall. These were followed by a series of
pieces, including "Bedroom" 1976-1982, in which Jackson painted entire
rooms or environments, many of them built by the artist. In a series
titled "Big Ideas", 1980-1981, he hand-built, stretched, and painted
thousands of canvases which he then stacked on top of one another, like
bricks, to built monumental sculptural works. "Big Ideas 2", for
example, consisted of 3,000 paintings piled up to form a large sphere.
His recent work has used mechanized devices, including cars,
motorcycles, washing-machines, or oversized fans, to paint rooms or
environments. Other works, like "Pomp Pee Doo" 2005, recently shown at
the Centre Pompidou in Paris, create burlesque tableaux in which animal
sculptures pump, pour, and shoot paint onto another and their
surroundings. Throughout his career, Jackson has developed new ways of
using paint, often in a comical or ironic mode. Yet his work is less a
parody of painting, than one of the most important attempts at opening
up new horizons for the medium in the wake of modernist abstraction.
Jackson has taught at UCLA, Los Angeles and Art Center, Pasadena. He
has shown extensively, both in Europe and the United States. He
currently resides in Sierra Madre, California, and will be showing at
the Parisa Kind Gallery from Oct. 21 to Nov. 28.
(Julien Bismuth)


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