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heute: industria masoquista im thw

26. oktober 2005 - frankfurter forum für elektronische und neue musik

industria masoquista [ecuador] - http://noisemp3.com/artists/

industria masoquista has been working into experimental music from
1993. I listened classical and death metal music and I had interest
on something different so I was working on my first experimental
noise project that was called. REACCIÓN INFANTIL. I never edited
official recordings with this project just I made some short home
recordings for feel and get a concept about my interest into the
music. I used short frequencies, homemade equipments shuch as a drums
(carton box + metal). Later 1995 I was working as E.A.T.M.
(Expediciones Artificiales de Tonos y Melodías) It was most
industrial experimental noise. I used for E.A.T.M. recordings sounds
from electronic devices, metal, factory sounds. INDUSTRIA MASOQUISTA
was born March 17 of 1997 after some splits made by E.A.T.M. (dead
now) I incorporated new ideas to this project and a best sound. I. M.
musical sounds are very different on each work. At the first
recordings I used analog pedal BOSS DS-1 Distortion, water, homemade
equipments with metal, wood & plastic. After sometime I got 1
Multitrack Tascam Porta 05 and later I got 1 Dr. Sample SP-202 Boss +
2 analog DOD pedals. I. M. recordings sometimes rhythmical sounds &
statics taked from a contact mics. with a distortion. I like to get
the best ambient with my equipment. INDUSTRIA MASOQUISTA releases are
splits, collaborations on tape, CD & CD-R format with artists such
as: Pain Jerk, Alienlovers in Amagasaki, Astro, Outermost, Kadef, Use
You Pain, agit 8, Skin Crime, The Haters, Prurient, Priest in shit,
Armenia, Anal Drill, Dark Cavern, Phroq, Iritat, Sudden Infant, Alter
Breitenbach, Ernesto Díaz Infante, Sistrum, Big City Orchestra,
Edward Ruchalski, Carlos Giffoni, Cheyntara, Arnoux, New Faggot
Cunts, Anders Ostberg, Das Moustacheprojekt, Lev Zhurbin, Ed Rooney,
Francisco López, Richard Ramirez, Vok, etc...

21:00 | tanzhaus west
eintrittt 5 euro

tanzhaus west, gutleutstr. 294, frankfurt am main
s-bahn-station galluswarte oder 37er bus ab hauptbahnhof

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