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Les yeux de Laure

Here is a repeatition from my part of this link here and there since
two weeks... really it looks to me as one major strange content in
matter of real space-time, limited by the pics as a symbolistic
translation of obscenity, and seeing the content which regards George
Bataille's tittle, it appears to me of a hardest strange thing online
since Mouchette.


by laura [at] eyesoflaura [dot] org

Only but another performance, because of a tragic-heroïc real life
under all, the alive crossing in motorcycle in the stricken region of
tchernobyl by a native girl of this country who already considered,
beforehand, among the predictable victims.

I suppose "Laura" as an artist able to be employed as a guard in the
objective to catch and hold these shots, exactly the same as Sophie
Calle being a cleaning lady in the hotel at Venice (Italy) to follow
the man for any pics of his life, that was the book "Please follow me,
Venice continuation", foreword by Jean Baudrillard, in the "former

frankfurter wohnzimmer
feb 05
the netzwissenschaft scrapbook

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