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How to Make a Net Artist Disappear

Dazzle your audience with this amazing feat of prestidigitation.

1. Tell your audience that you are going to make a quarter disappear
right before their eyes.

2. Put a quarter down on a table, then place a Net Artist on top of it
so that the bottom of the Artist completely covers the quarter.

3. Cover the Net Artist with a handkerchief.

4. Say some magic words (or sprinkle some imaginary fairy dust) over
the handkerchief and Net Artist.

5. Keeping the Net Artist covered, lift the handkerchief and Net Artist
off the quarter.

6. Express amazement that the quarter is still there. While doing so,
move the handkerchief and Net Artist toward you, allowing the Net
Artist to drop into your lap.

7. Maintain the handkerchief's shape with your hand as though the Net
Artist is still there. The audience should be too focused on the
quarter to notice.

8. Move the handkerchief (which maintains the Net Artist shape) back
over the quarter.

9. Slam the handkerchief down with your free hand, revealing it to be
empty. As you do so, say, "Oh, well. I'll just make the Net Artist
disappear instead."

Practice this trick several times before performing it in front of an

One of the most important rules of magic is to never reveal how a trick
is performed. If you do, your audience will be disappointed - and
everyone you know will start doing your trick.


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