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which way to go?

we, artists, performers, tribes from the normative bebilderung, we have
been undergoing police repressions, abusive laws, the pressures of
cultural industries and capitalist economy for a long time. to denounce
these intolerable pressures, we declare the internet television will
be, so that everybody will demonstrate his know-how and creativity in
the dark, an international underground! let 10.000 clips joyfully
illuminate and fertilize the cultural aridity! the idea of internet
television is metaphoric: even if celebrate, create, have amateur
cultural practices, emerge among indifference, market, and daily
repression are a fight, we demand a pacific action! internet television
is a pacific action, but it remains a fight! internet televisionists
are working towards another end. this other end is militant: it is a
question of producing an utopia. u-topia = lack of proper place. for us
in a prospect of action, it means being everywhere at the same time. it
also means: being numerous but no masses! Iit further means cultural
diversity! meeting the others! refusing identity withdraws of all
kinds, as people can have lots of piercings and be really set in their
ways, egoist, monomaniac or limited. here is the fight: not a fight for
sound, free, punk, classic or else! but for all that in once and to
keep the possibility of doing that. for the emergence of diversity! for
diversity against compact masses! for the right to create, to meet
freely each others, to imagine our future off the pre-formatted frames
proposed by the market, the security ideologies and the ready-to-think
of some activists. to prove that we are organized, thoughtful,
responsible and that we are fully aware of our acts as well during our
cultural events as every day. to demonstrate that we represent an
important part of the population, that we can be your neighbours, your
friends, your family.

which way to go?


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