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1st announcement

Read the press release in German and English online
http://www.sparwasserhq.de !

Sparwasser HQ is pleased to present

 Inspectorate Berlin: Aerial
Reconnaissance Phase.

16-28 May 2005

As the last of a series of three project presentations under the heading
CitySellingCityTelling, Sparwasser will become the operational HQ of the
International Necronautical Society (INS) Inspectorate Berlin: Aerial
Reconnaissance Phase.

The Aerial Reconnaissance team led by INS Chief of Propaganda
(Archiving and
Epistemological Critique) Anthony Auerbach will be joined by INS Chief
Obituary Reviewer Melissa McCarthy for a series of site-specific
investigations dictated by the INS central interests: "marking and
transit, circulation and control; cryptography and death". The
materials will
be assembled at Sparwasser HQ over the next two weeks.

The Inspectorate’s work will be accessible to the public 16-28 May 2005
Sparwasser HQ Offensive für zeitgenössische Kunst und Kommunikation,
161, 10115 Berlin (Opening hours: Wed-Fri 1600-1900h, Sat 1400-1800h
and by
appointment). On 28 May at 2000h, INS General Secretary will hear
reports on
the Inspectorate’s field work and hold a public briefing.

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Press service:

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