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we would like to submit the project "rohrpost herbst", a project
dealing with real censoring practices in the so-called "freedom of
speech"-virtual-world of self-addicted "net-activists". exemplary, the
interdisciplinary artist's collective "Sab, Internet & Co" flamed the
german mailing-list "rohrpost" in autumn 2003. in that time, rohrpost
was controlled by a para-intellectual collective of writers (not
artists or activists!) like tilman baumgartel, NSK-baby inke arns,
geert lovink or andreas broeckmann ("spectre").

the result of the action was a correspondence exclusion and total
information isolation, same as on raf (baader-meinhof) in so-called
"deutscher herbst" 1977, and like a bad joke, lovink placed an
proto-fascistic article called "rohrpost im herbst" at the german
neo-conservative magazine for cultural issues "lettre international",
wich dissed the members of art collective "Sab, Internet & Co" as
elements in the same structural place in common as jews or deficientes
by ss at third reich. Members of Sab, Internet & Co were excluded from
german institutional an net activism communication, the rohrpost
principal hierarchy changed from baumgartel to henning ziegler, and as
follow-ups members of Sab, Internet & Co were excommunicated too at
systems betacity (hinterleitner/stuttgart and spectre (broeckmann,
arns, lovink).

here ---< http://aus7.org/hate/index-images/rp.pdf >--- you get your
personal copy of the original concept "rohrpost herbst", as curated by
Sab, Internet & Co.

The Art Ensemble øf Sab, Internet & Co
is represented by
and http://thing-net.de/cms/

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