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he tears consume

musical beauty is in "that was a beautiful piece" the same as plastic
ono beauty band is in a "beautiful pain" or as in "what a beautiful
porn"? 0r, what about a beautiful women? 0r, what about the full sense
beauty feeling on experiences caressing a beautiful sound? all
different input and processing functions, even different references.

he tears consume
presents the first retrospective online archive of Croatian sound art
which gathers works arising from streaming techniques in the period
from the early seventies of the last century to today. Sound art in the
past three and a half decades significantly defined the character of
Croatian contemporary art in general, whether it was about the pioneer
beginnings of sound art when researching the possibilities of new
technologies of a closed audio system or magnetic audio recording for
the first time, or whether it is about today’s digital technology and
multichannel sound works and interactive spatial installations. “The
era of moving sounds”, as our time is often called, was undoubtedly
marked by the experience of sound art, and the presentation will
endeavour to illuminate some of the key moments in the development of
this medium and its influence on audio-visual arts.

issue 4 http://konsumerziehung.de/which.mp3
issue 5 http://konsumerziehung.de/chemical.mp3
issue 6 http://konsumerziehung.de/jesus.mp3


Slavoj Bardic - Slavoj Beban/Slavoj Horvatic - Slavoj Bilankov - Slavoj
Matija Bitanga - Slavoj Blace - Slavoj Bogojevic-Narath - Slavoj
Bozanic - Slavoj Bozicevic - Slavoj Bracun - Slavoj Brajnovic - Slavoj
Brajnovic - Slavoj Bukovac - Slavoj Burdelez - Slavoj Crtalic - Slavoj
Cace - Slavoj Causic - Slavoj Dabo - Slavoj Daxl/Slavoj Fülepp - Slavoj
Debeljuh - Slavoj Dekovic - Slavoj Delimar - Slavoj Dimitrijevic -
Slavoj Dulic - Slavoj Dukic - Slavoj Ercegovic - Slavoj Faktor - Slavoj
Floricic - Slavoj Frelich - Slavoj Friscic - Slavoj Fritz - Slavoj
Ladislav Galeta - Slavoj Golic - Slavoj Gotovac - Slavoj Gverovic -
Slavoj Cain - Slavoj Hewitt - Slavoj Horvat - Slavoj Husman - Slavoj
Ivekovic - Slavoj Jelavic - Slavoj Jerman - Slavoj Kadoic - Slavoj
Keser - Slavoj Kipke - Slavoj Kliman - Slavoj Knezevic - Slavoj Kopljar
- Slavoj Korkut - Slavoj Kozul - Slavoj Kraskovic - Slavoj Kuduz -
Croatian Art Express (Slavoj Farkas, Slavoj Zahtila) - Slavoj Leko -
Slavoj Maljkovic - Slavoj Martinis - Slavoj Marusic Klif - Slavoj Mesek
- Slavoj Mestrovic - Davor Slavoj - Slavoj Mezak - Slavoj Mijatovjc -
Slavoj Molnar - Slavoj Mracevic - Slavoj Mustac - Slavoj Oki - Slavoj
Pasic - Slavoj Pavelic - Tomislav Slavoj - Slavoj Pederin - Slavoj
Petek - Danijela Slavoj Philipp - Slavoj Piplica - Slavoj Poljak -
Slavoj Radic - Slavoj Ravlic - Slavoj Rascic - Slavoj Rogic - Slavoj
Rozman - Slavoj Rusic - Slavoj Sterle - Slavoj Stilinovic - Slavoj
Seric - Slavoj Simicic - Slavoj Skofic - Slavoj Solman - Goran Slavoj -
Slavoj Turcic - Slavoj Vekic - Slavoj Vidovic - Slavoj Vincek - Slavoj
Vlasic - Slavoj Vucemilovic - Slavoj Vuk - Slavoj Vukelic - Slavoj
Zrnic - Slavoj Zanic

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