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_the_netzwissenschaft_scrapbook_o2_february _2o:3o_hr _schweitzerstr._23_hh

>> _the_netzwissenschaft_scrapbook_
>> (((on))) february the 2th 2005
>> location - plattform randolph lundgren
>> schweitzerstr.23 hh
>> starts at 20:30 hr.
>> randolph lundgren will talk about the popsound organ
>> followed by the performance of Tampons of Mass Destruction (TMD)
>> Tampons of Mass Destruction is a Berlin-based guitar and laptop
>> band, specializing in full-ambient deconstructions and blasted-open
>> association covers.
>> TMD are Alvar Neidfull (guitar, keyboard, vocals, and sounds) and Mr.
>> Saul Judd (laptop, rhythms, vocals, field recordings, sounds).
>> http://www.raster-noton.de/

>> more details at
>> http://designerziehung.de/scrapbook/

"The future is stupid, therefore Mr. Braan has decided to devote itself
to your present." by mandrill castellano and jenny oschatz


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