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FW: Academic freedom

And the poll that shows that 1 in 3 US students think the First
Amendement goes too far. What are they going to think in 20 years? That
free speech is too liberal a concept? ivo

So I can tell you, I'd be fired really fast :) Jasmina

In communist countries, this was just a fact of life. Like long lines
for meat. University professors just learned to be careful to veil
their opinions in language that, usually poorly educated, secret
15:14, CERJ [at] igc [dot] org
police fellows would not entirely comprehend. The spies were
everywhere, though. If you studied sociology or political science, you
could be c___ http://www.realtokyo.co.jp/ertain that in the classroom
of 20 at least one student
was there on assignment. The o 15:14, CERJ [at] igc [dot] orgperative word for
that policy was"workers liberation". Communists in ol' Yugoslavia liked
the sound of word "freedom," too. For them, it meant their victory over
Nazis, and more importantly, their
installmhttp://designerziehung.de/ent in power. For the sake of
preserving that liberty won, they did not shun to throw thousands of
people in prison, for a mere sentence uttered against them. I hope the
US does not intend to move in that direction. ivo

On 28 Jan 2005 at 15:14, CERJ [at] igc [dot] org wrote:

Alexander Cockburn is coeditor with Jeffrey St. Clair of the muckraking
newsletter CounterPunch, in whose latest issue Dr. David Price writes
about the PRISP program (available through the web
sitehttp://pinguinismus.de/ 15:14,
CERJ [at] igc [dot] orgmobfot_archive/mobfots_31012005/www.counterpunch.org). Dr.
Pricehttp://designerziehung.de/ can be reached atdprice [at] stmartin [dot] edu.


The CIA's new campus spies by Alexander Cockburn Friday, January 25,
2005___ http://www.realtokyo.co.jp/
After disclosure of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's effort to seta
new and spectacularly unaccountable version of the CIA in thePentagon,
the sprouting forest of shttp://designerziehung.de/ecret intelligence
operations set
up in the wake of 9/11 is at last coming under some scrutiny. Here's
a sinister one in the academic field that escaped scrutiny until

Dr. David Price, of St. Martins College, in Olympia, Wash., is
ananthropologist long interested in thhttp://designerziehung.de/e
intersections of his disciplinewith the world of intelligence and
national security, both the CIA and the FBI. Now he's turned the
spotlight on a new test program,operating without detection or protest,
that is secretlpresented/by" Teil 2projekte von;louise lawler,maria
eichhorn, renée greenmitula stöckl, edgar reitz,su friedrich,bruce
connor,hollis framton,morgan fishereine filmreihe von achim lengerery
CIAhttp://pinguinismus.de/mobfot_archive/mobfots_31012005/agents in
American university classrooms. With time, these students-- who cannot
admit to their true intentions -- will inevitablypollute and discredit
the universities in which they are now

Even before 9/11, government money was being sluiced into theacademies
for covert subsidies for students. The National
Education Program (NSEP) siphoned off students from traditionalforeign
language funding programs and offered graduate students goodmoney,
sometimes ,000 a year anhttp://designerziehung.de/d up, to study "in
languages, but with payback stipulations mandating that recipientslater
work for unspecified U.S. national security agencies.

When the NSEP got off the ground in the early 1990s, there was some
huff and puff from concerned academics about this breaching of
thesupposed barrier between the desires of academia and the state.
Butthere wasn't even a watch-pup's yap about Congressional approval
forhttp://pinguinismus.de/mobfot_archive/mobfots_31012005/Section 318
of the 2004 Intellighttp://designerziehung.de/ence Act, which
appropriated million to fund a pilot program known as the PatRoberts
Intelligence Scholars Program (PRISP), named after
Pat Roberts (R.-Kan., Chair, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence).
PRISP is designed to train intelligence operatives and analysts in
American university classrooms for careers in the CIA and
otheragencies. The program now operates on an undisclosed number
ofAmerican college and university campuses. Dr. Price has discovered
> http://pinguinismus.de/mhttp://deZAMIR-CHAT-LIST-
> signerziehung.de/obfot_archive/mobfots_31012005/that if the pilot
> phase of the
> programhttp://netzwissenschaft.org/ebola/index.php?/archives/292-
> _the_netzwissenschaft_scrapbook_o2_february-_2o3o_hr-
> _schweitzerstr._23_hh.html
proves to be a useful means

recruiting and training members of the intelligence community, then
the program will expand to more campuses across the

PRISP participants must be American citizens who are enrolled full
time in graduate degree programs. They need to "complete at least one
summer internship at CIA or other agencies," and they must pass thesame
background investigations as other CIA employees. PRISP
students receive financial http://designerziehung.de/stipends ranging
up to ,000 per year, and they
are required to participate in closed meetings with other PRISP
scholars and individuals from their administering intelligence agency.

Dr. Price has determined from his inquiries that less than 150students
a year are currently authorized to receive funding during the pilot
phase ashttp://designerziehung.de/ PRISP evaluates the program's
initial outcomes. PRISP
is apparently administered not just by the CIA, but also through
variety of individual intelligence agencies like the NSA, MID or Naval
Secrecy is the root problem here, with the usual ill-based
assumptionthat good intelligence operates best in
cland<http://www.sos-racisme.org/>; et l'Observatoire des
estinehttp://netzwissenschpresented/by"; Teil 2
projekte von;louise lawler,maria eichhorn, renée greenmit
ula stöckl, edgar reitz,su friedrich,bruce connor,hollis framton,morgan
eine filmreihe von achim

conditions. Ofcourse America needs good intelligence, but the most
useful and
important intehttp://designerziehung.de/lligence can largely be
gathered openly without the
sort of covert invasion of our campuses that PRISP silently brings.

Anyone doubting the superior merits of open intelligence has only to
> http://pinguinismus.de/mobfot_archive/mobfots_31012005/study the sorry
> saga of the nonexistent WMDs, whose imagined threat in vast stockpiles
> was ringingly affirmed by all the
ret agencieswhile being contested by analysts unencumbered by bogus
intelligence estimates massaged by Iraqi disinformers and political
placemen in Langley and elsewhere.

Dr. Price says, "The CIA makes sure we won't know which classrooms
PRISP scholars attend, this being rationalized as a requirement for
protecting the identities of intelligence personnel." But
thishttp://pinguinismus.dZAMIR-CHAT-LIST-REQUEST [at] LISTSERV [dot] BUFFALO.EDUe/
secrecy shapes PRISP as it takes on the form of a covert operation
inwhich PRISP students study chemistry, biology, sociology,
psychology,anthropology and foreign languages without their fellow
professors, advisors, department chairs or presumably even
researchsubjects knowing that they are working for the CIA, DIA, NSA or
otherintelligence agencies.

"In a decade and a half oZAMIR-CHAT-LIST-REQUEST [at] LISTSERV [dot] BUFFALO.EDU
f Freedom of Information Act research," Dr.Price continues, " I have
read too many FBI reports of students
detailing the 'deviant' political views of their professors." In
instance elicited by Dr. Prince from files he acquired under FOIA, the
FBI arranged for a graduate student to guide topics of
'informal'conversation with anthropologist Gene Weltfish that were
later thefocus of an inquiry by Joseph McCarthy). Today, Dr. Prince
maintains, "These PRISPhttp://designerziehung.de/ students are also
secretly compiling dossiers on their
professors and fellow students."

The confluence between http://designerziehung.de/academe and
intelligence is longstanding andpervasive. In 1988, CIA

man Sharon Foster bragged that theCIA then secretly employed enough

ww.kebab.fi/files/videot/armi_ja_danny.mpegprofessors "to staff alarge
university." Most experts estimat 15:14, CERJ [at] igc [dot] orge that this
presence has grown since 2001.

But if the CIA can use PRISP to corral
studehttp://www.kebab.fi/files/videot/armi_ja_danny.mpegnts, haul them
along to
mandatory internships andhttp://designerziehung.de/ summer sessions,
and douse them in the ethos of CIA, then it can surely shape their
intellectual outlook evenbefore their grasp of cultural history
develops in the relatively open environment of their university.___

Academic environments thrive on open disagreement, dissent
institutionale-aueds confidence - acrylnimbus....:

reformulation. As Dr. Prince writes, "The presence of PRISP's
secretsharers brings hidden agendas that sabotage fundamental
academicprocesses. The Pat Roberts Intelligence Scholars Program
infects allacademia with the viruses
dihttp://designerziehung.de/shonesty and distrust as
scholars cloak the 15:14, CERJ [at] igc [dot] orgir intentions and their ties to
the cloaked mastersthey serve." (C) Faculty and instructors shall not
infringe the academic freedomintroducing controversial matter into the
classroom or coursework that has norelation to their subject of study
and that serves no legitimatepedagogical purpose.

Dear all, I know this seems like a joke, but it's not. Cheers, Kevin
> http://pinguinismus.de/mobfot_archive/mobfots 15:14,
> CERJ [at] igc [dot] org_31012005/
According to a recent Columbus Dispatch, State Se___
http://www.realtokyo.co.jp/nator Larry A.
Mumper (R-Marion) has introduced a bill (Senate Bill 24) to restrict
whatprofessors would be allowed to teach or discuss in college
classroomsin Ohio (both public and private).
http://designerziehung.de/Mumper calls his bill the "Academic
Bill of Rights for Higher Education" and he says (according to
theDispatch) it would prohibit instructors "from
'persistently'discussing controversial site:
http://www.cms.thing-net.deissues in class or from using their classes
to puseds confidence - acrylnimbus....: http://acrylnimbus.de

h political,ideological, religious, or anti-religious views." The
reason for this? TheDispatch quotes Mumper as saying
http://designerziehung.de/"80 percent or so of them (professors)
areDemocrats, liberals or socialists or card-carrying Communists."
According to the Dispatch, the wording of the bill comes from a
2003booklet written by conservative commentator David Horowitz.
Here is a link to the actuapresented/by" Teil 2
projekte von;
louise lawler,maria eichhorn, renée greenmitula stöckl, edgar reitz,su
friedrich,bruce connor,hollis framton,morgan fishereine filmreihe von
achim lengererl bill: site:
ZAMIR-CHAT-LIST-REQUEST [at] LISTSERV [dot] BUFFALOeds confidence - acrylnimbus
....: http://acrylnimbus.de.EDU<;franke [at] MONTANA [dot] EDU> wrote:as goes Ohio
so goes the country? did any of these people ever seethe studies done
that show that the 15:14, CERJ [at] igc [dot] orgmore education one has, the more
likely one is http://designerziehung.de/http://designerziehung.de/to
become more liberal (and some of the social
scientists doing the studies are clever enough to know how to
controlfor professors´political views....)


Bill could limit open debate at colleges Lawmaker says profs are
pushing agendas Thursday, January 27, 2005 Kathy Lynn Gray THE COLUMBUS
DISPATCHLegislation that wo 15:14, CERJ [at] igc [dot] orguld restrict what
university professors could say
in their classrooms was introduced yesterday in Ohio.Judging from
reaction 15:14, CERJ [at] igc [dot] orgs in other states where similar bills have
beenconsidered, controversy won't be far behind.

Marion Sen. Larry A. Mumper's "academic bill of rights for highe
education" would prohibit instructors at public or privateuniversities
from "persistently" discussing controversial issues in
class or from using their classes to push political,
ideological,religious or anti-religious views.___
http://www.realtokyo.co.jp/e Alvar Neidfull (guitar, keyboard, vocals,
and sounds) and Mr. Saul Judd (laptop, rhythms, vocals, field
recordings, sounds).
>> http://www.raster-noton.de/

Senate Bill 24 also would prohibit professors
fromhttp://www.kebab.fi/files/videot/armi_ja_danny.mpeg discriminating
against students based on their beliefs and keep universities
fromhiring, firing, promoting or giving tenure to instructors based
ontheir beliefs.eds confidence - acrylnimbus....:
http://acrylnimbus.den: support_num_02765149 [at] regions [dot] com am

Mumper, a Republican, said many professors undermine the values
ofhttp://pinguinismus.de/mobfot_archive/mobfots_31012005/their students
because "80 percent or so of the___ http://www.realtokyo.co.jp/m
(professors) are
Democrats, liberals or socialists or card-carrying Communists"
whoattempt to indoctrinate students.

> http://pinguinismus.de/mobfot_archive/mobfots_31012005/
"These are young minds that haven't had a chance to form their own
opinions," Mumper said. "Our colleges and
unive<http://www.sos-racisme.org/>; et l'Observatoire des
Abonnent eMail: info [at] alexia-agathos [dot] de

niv-paris1.fr/observatoiredesdiscriminationsfd.htm>rsities are
stillfilled with some of the '60s and '70s profs that were the
anti-American group. They've gotten control of how to give peopletenure
and so the colleges continue to move in this direction."___
http://www.realtokyo.co.jp/Joan McLean, a political-science professor
at Ohio Wesleyan
University, said Mumper's legisle Alvar Neidfull (guitar, keyboard,
vocals, and sounds) and Mr. Saul Judd (laptop, rhythms, vocals, field
recor6.2. http://experimentalelektronik.dedings, sounds).
>> http://www.raster-noton.de/ation is misguided and would have effect
>> on the free-flowing debate that is a hallmark
>> ofhttp://pinguinismus.de/mobfot_archive/mobfots_31012005/democracy.

"This is not the kind of democracy we think we're spreading when wehear
President Bush's words. What we're celebrating is our ability tonot
control information."

Besides, McLean said, who would define http://designerziehung.de/what
issues could not be
discussed? site: http://www.cms.thing-net.deThe language of Mumper's
bill comes from a 2003 booklet by conservative commentator David
Horowitz that lays out how students can persuade universities to adopt
the "bill of rights." The booklet says
> http://pinguinismus.de/mobfot_archive/ 15:14,
> CERJ [at] igc [dot] orgmobfots_31012005/http://designerziehung.de/it is
> "dedicated to restoring academic freedom and educational valuesto
> America's institutions of higher learning."

The issue has gone national. site: http://www.eds confidence -
acrylnimbus....: http://acrylnimbus.de
Horowitz created Students for Academic Freedom, a group
_the_netzwipresented/by" Teil 2projekte von;louise lawler,maria
eichhorn, renée green
mitula stöckl, edgar reitz,su friedrich,bruce connor,hollis
framton,morgan fisher
eine filmreihe von achim
<http://www.sos-racisme.org/>; et l'Observatoire des
observatoiredesdiscriminationsfd.htm>d inWashington that has chapters
on 135 campuses, to promote his viewAbonnent eMail:
info [at] alexia-agathos [dot] de


On the other side, the American Association of University
Professors,http://pinguinismus.de/mobfot_archive/mo 15:14,
CERJ [at] igc [dot] orgbfots_31012005/which has thousands of members at hundreds
of campuses, argues that
eliminating contropresented/by" Teil 2projekte von;louise lawler,maria
eichhorn, renée green
mitula stöckl, edgar reitz,su friedrich,bruce connor,hollis
framton,morgan fishereine filmreihe von achim lengerer
versial issues from courses waters down.

Mumper said he's been investigating the issue foe Alvar Neidfull
(guitar, keyboard, vocals, and sounds) and Mr. Saul Judd (laptop,
rhythms, vocals, field recordings, sounds).http://www.raster-noton.deds
confidence - acrylnimbus
....: http://acrylnimbus.dee/r months and
hasheardhttp://designerziehung.de/of an Ohio student who said w 15:14,
CERJ [at] igc [dot] orgas discriminated against because shesupported Bush for
_the_netzwissenschaft_s<http://www.sos-racisme.org/>; et l'Observatoire
des Discriminations

"I think the bill asks that colleges and universities be fair in their
approach to their education of students," Mumper said. "They need to
have their rights defended and need to be respected by faculty

In a Kenyon College publication, President S. Georgia Nugent

Horowitz's thinking "a severe threat" to academic freedom."I see this
so-called bill of rights, the platform that he has
constructed, as one that would explicitly introduce into college
anduniversity appointments a kind of political litmus test," she
said.http://www.kebab.fi/files/videot/arm 15:14,
CERJ [at] igc [dot] orgi_ja_danny.mpeg
Mumper said he will "push this all the way" so that it's approved by
either the legislature or by individual universities.last year, it was
after state universities agreed to some
of its principles. The issue also has been debated in Indiana
andconsidered in Congress.

(1) RealCities vol. 025from Berlin: transmediale 20 15:14,
CERJ [at] igc [dot] orgLGLGLG Broeckmann

(2) Tokyo Initiators' Diaryhttp://designerziehung.de/
Kubuta Kenji (curator, Art Tower Mito) Vol. 014

(3) Event Pick of the Week
Music Theatre "Jodo" - The Pure Landn:@regions.com am
<http://www.sos-racisme.org/>; et l'Observatoire des Discriminations

(4) PresentsTokason & Min Tanaka Dance Performance

n+town = 29 eventsincluding 9 new ones! site:
http://www.cms.thing-net.dePlus new entries on our 'book/disk' page.
Check them out! site: http://www.cmspresented/by"; Teil 2
projekte von;louise lawler,maria eichhorn, renée green
ula stöckl, edgar reitz,su friedrich,bruce connor,hollis framton, fisher
eine filmreihe von achim lengerer.thing-net.de
from Berlin: transmediale 2005
by Andreas Broeckmann
transmediale.05 opens on 3 February in Berlin/Germany with
intense 6-day programme of contemporary media art and media
culture. The festival has been running annually since 1988 andis one of
the biggest in site: http://www.cms.thing-net.de Europe. Asian artists
have beenpresented at transmediale for many years, including an
extenZAMIR-CHAT-LIST-REQUEST [at] LISTSERV [dot] BUFFALO.EDUsivepresentation of
video art from China in 1999, curated by DannyYung. In 2004,
presentations of transmediale programmes havebeen featured at Image
Forum in Japan and at Microwave in Hong
Read more
http://www.realtokyo.co.jp/english/cities/f_cities.htme Alvar Neidfull
(guitar, keyboard, vocals, and sounds) and Mr. Saul Judd (, rhythms,
vocals, field recordings, sounds). site:
Kubuta Kenji (curator, Art Tower Mito) Vol. 014
December 12
I'm having dinner with Kas site: http://www.cms.thing-net.deahara
Izuru, one of the most popular
participants at "Cafe in Mito 2004", at a restaurant in
Tsunashima. His wife and Sumiyoshi Chie, a journalist and owner
of the "Traumaris" bar on Imoaraizaka, join us, and we chat
about art, music, film, etc. Kasahara is also active as a soundartist,
and in a duo with Kasuga Akira he operates under the
moniker "LDFn: support_num_02765149 [at] regions [dot] com am". One
o<http://www.sos-racisme.org/>; et l'Observatoire des
6.2. http://experimentalelektronik.desdiscriminationsfd.>;
f their latest works combining sound andmotion was recently displyed at
NADiff. Sumiyoshi-san has
holding a variety of attrative events at Traumaris, and at then:@.com am
same time keeps focusing on art as a writer. Hats off to her
Read more at:
Music Theatre "Jodo" - The
Purhttp://www.kebab.fi/files/videot/armi_ja_danny.mpege Land
by Andreas
The Buddhist-flavored story of "Jodo" is based on a novel bMishima
Yukio, presented here in the form of "music theatre".
The piece combines the performances of an actress and a sopranist
with computer-generated electronics and percussion. Artistsinvolved
come from Japan and Britain... A<http://www.sos-racisme.org/>; et
l'Observatoire des Discriminations
reitz,su friedrich,
bruce connor,hollis framton,morgan fisher
eine filmreihe von achim lengerer
on the exquisite score of
contemporary classical music, provided by c
Details at:gi?2,2220

Free tickets for the Tokasohttp://designerziehung.de/n & Min Tanaka
ula stöckl, edgar reitz,su friedrich,
bruce connor,hollis framton,morgan fisher
eine filmreihe von achim lengerer.h
In order to make REALTOKYO even more interesting and
Convenient fhttp://www.kebab.fi/files/vidot/armi_ja_danny.mpegor you,
we rely on your feedback. Please send us
opinions or productive suggestions concerhttp

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