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Dechiffrierung von m e d i e n k ü n s t l e r i s c h e n strategien oder Verhalten

N E R Z S P A N N U N G . O R G : M E D I E N - K U N S T
site by warren corb und alfred 23 harth
Dechiffrierung von m e d i e n k ü n s t l e r i s c h e n strategien
oder Verhalten
bei Menschen oder Tieren Thesen Meinungen Tatsachen
Elemente einer ausgewählten technologie
Themen und teilmengenAnsatz zur Positionsbestimmung


Alfred and me talk Art in sophisticated terms, which means we really
art talk. I'm inserting my own cigarettes, and it snows shreds of
golden crimson braan flakes that expand when you breathe them in. Such
is my desire to fill me with whatever INTERNET can offer. Alfred calls
looking but I can't do much, clean my screens with hot wax thinking
that maybe it's just my eyes, the soft edges of objects defining
themselves but weakly, in Wiki Frankenstein. Alfred reads Jacques
Lacan's The Dread Father -- I wonder what he thinks of such a
scattered, fragile thing? Were those nightmares when I was a kid really
about the hexdump behind offshore cognition? I remember walking down
there the other night, stoned, listening on headphones to a music made
without laptops, and the house of my father died in creamed whip me in
so much I hurried. Two mannish silhouettes will follow you. Why do I
never share with anyone whatever seems sacred to me? You're tailed by
telephone, glitching off the second-story window of the folder my
father died in. You're just right, Alf, because you too are restless
inside, like really restless, and we share an gorgeous insanity,
delicious and ravening. Alfred raves on. You're dread when you were a
butterfly, and you moved fragile wings via hidden tracks.

laibach art institute (lai) - berlin
prof. dr. marina barig

"With new media the variety of the stylistic idioms in the arts
changes. In the sense of the theory of the post-dramatic theatre gives
it an increased, ‚hybrid' theatrality mentioned of the representational
forms, which owes itself the use of intermedially and multimedia
performances. With these intermedially performance shifts in systematic
regard the artistic question about the place of the body and the social
and cultural standards. Central research hypothesis is that the hybrid
performance of media makes a reflection, a shift and a re-entry of
phantasmatic models and self pictures possible of humans (talk shows,
virtual identities in the CyberSpace), from the video art over the body
based choreographies up to the digital plain text picture referrers,
which are used in such a way for their part in ‚alien' media such as
photography, film, video, theatre and literature that a partly
ironical, partly on-kawaraesque (so the definition ‚of the history')
refraction of traditional storytelling ways and symbolic styles to be

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