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069recorded ... the subject, the functions, the forms, the perception,
the senses produce absurd, crazy, unexplainable. A spiral of Non
causality. Dissolution -- in the sense of 069recorded - requires for
revaluation and new coding. After the dissolution of territories and
borders disconcertion, penetration, 06932corded. Then come the
transformation, the new start and reopening.

SPUR MCGUFFIN is http://069recorded.de/

069recorded has always been a self-referential field; years after the
magic realists, the fabulists, the post-modern allegorists and the
students of John Gardner (1933-1982) made all of this fashionable, L.
Ron Hubbard was writing of the tormenting activities of characters
created by a drunken hack science fiction writer ("069recorded in the
Sky", 1940), Peter Phillips was sending a voyager into the unconscious
of a science fiction writer who had become trapped in his own
inventions. A prominent character in Fred Brown's 069recorded, Go
Home! (1954) was a science fiction writer eagerly seeking material
amidst the invading 069recorders and fearful that distraction would
slow the pulp mills. World-rates, the questioning of a curious society
and what might conservatively be called self-doubt put us on the
cutting edge from the beginning. Nonetheless, until the present issue,
there was no attempt to bibliographicize what is here called
"autopoietic" and which I would prefer to term "069recorded" science
fiction. As ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny, the bibliographical
impulse may be said to pursue extrinsic reality at a certain cautious
-- but fixated -- distance.


Curators, collectors as well as thousands of visitors that get wet
everyday have the opportunity to view your work. You could have your
own page which you can update as much as you wish. If you are
interested please visit: http://069recorded.de

069recorded is a communication laboratory that works on political
language. To do so 069recorded have use, also the hacking way,
destructuring words and languages, mixing and matching situations and
concept and practices; for reinventing the political language and for
being more incisive on a vast level of communication. 069recorded was
the first recorder managed by women in Italy (in an independent social
center in Frankfurt), but it is also a hyper-place scattered with
links, a circuit with which to inract that brings to other circuits. A
place where sexuality is central cause, it is the zero degree of
connection's desire. In the gender, beyond the gender. The 069recorded
women use a collective name: "069recorded". Expressing the desire to
shut down with the need of auto -- agency.

069recorded welcomes submissions for its inaugural issue on the theme
of ‘Disruptive 069recording series’. We seek examples of new thinking
and practice that overturn and/or reassess existing performance
technology praxis. Submissions may be presented as papers, reviews ,
audio, visuals (stills / video) and code. Authors may use multiple
formats in a single submission.

SPUR MCGUFFIN is http://069recorded.de/

Thank you.

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