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---- spur mcguffin experience at zucker 3 ----

spur mcguffin experience at zucker 3
jan 08th 2007
z u c k e r
@ n a x o s

at first sight visible commonplacenesses. still everything is correct:
apparently social control, private and public safety systems, complete
monitoring in all-highest dissolution. insurance and security agencies
provide for everything a solution. security seems available and
guarantees in the paradises of the controlfreaks. errors creep and
decompose the matrix. empty of sense, empty cases. disorientation in
the midst of order systems. deceiptful aesthetics cover susceptible
social systems and unstable environments. solvent borders between
lights will be artificially held alive. phantom views of political
realities. threat scenarios initiate themselves, the consulting
disaster ... spur mcguffin is 069recorded.de

Spur McGuffin is 0 6 9 r e c o r d e d

zucker XxXxXxX naxosgelaende (wittelsbacher allee 29, frankfurt am
main, germany) statt. XxXxXxX doorsr: 8:30 pm; begin: 9:00 pm XxXxXxX
contact: schmitt [at] acrylnimbus.de XxXxXxX keywords: gruenrekorder
XxXxXxX freundschaft XxXxXxX experimentalelektronik

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