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Dislocate 07 - Tokyo

Dislocate 07
Exhibition, Symposium and Workshop series
24th  July – 5th August
Tokyo and Yokohama
Ginza Art Laboratory (Wednesday – Sunday 3-8pm)
Koiwa Project Space (Tuesday – Sunday 2-7pm)
ZAIM 28th & 29th July 11am-4pm Symposium and Workshops
Opening Event Koiwa Project Space 24th July 7pm
Performance Event ZAIM 29th July 6pm
All Events are Free
Dislocate 07 – Festival for Art, Technology and Locality
Dislocate brings together a group of over 30 international artists in
an exhibition, symposium and workshop series in Tokyo and Yokohama.
Considering the spacial and social dislocation which can occur through
technology, these artists are investigating how new media can be rooted
in its specific location and form a meaningful relationship between
ourselves and our surroundings.
Dislocate aims to explore the potential new media has to increase our
awareness of our environment, enhance participation in our locality and
community and transform our perceptions of the space we inhabit.
This project presents cutting edge approaches to new technology art but
with a view to seeing beyond the technology itself, examining what lies
past the screen.  Dislocate prompts us to reconsider the alternative
uses of the personal technologies which surround us, not merely
offering an escape route from our current situation but also a tool to
actually confront this very location.
With an endless array of spaces available to us, we can select our
contexts of participation like the channels of a television. We may be
highly active in an online space, engrossed in our constructed personal
space, but by choice or otherwise we may distance ourselves from our
immediate surroundings. We are presented with the freedom of
‘unlimited’ possibilities and yet are we making these decisions
consciously or are they occurring without thought?
Dislocate considers the very integration of new media with the
environment and this might be utilized to consciously reconnect with
our location, seeking to explore, question and debate how can
technology be used to heighten our engagement with our surroundings
instead of isolating us from our immediate space.
When numerous places converge in one site, how do we navigate such
space? How does our interaction within a given space formulate identity
and how can this be communicated effectively to elsewhere?
These are some of the questions which will be raised through the
Dislocate events.
All events are free
If you wish to attend the symposium or workshops please email
info [at] dis-locate [dot] net with your name and contact telephone number
Artists Include:
Active Ingredient www.i-am-ai.net
Christian Nold www.softhook.com
Dan Belasco Rogers www.planbperformance.net/dan/
D-Fuse http://www.dfuse.com/
Taeyoon Choi http://tyshow.org ;
So-Hyeon Park
Erik Pauhrizi http://butonkultur21.org/
Andreas Schlegel and Vladimir Todorovic
Yuko Mohri http://www.h6.dion.ne.jp/~moo/
Suicide Girls http://myspace.com/jorgensparwasser
Augemented Architecture http://www.augmented-architectures.com/
Stanza http://www.stanza.co.uk/sensity/index.html
For more information please contact
Emma Ota
info [at] dis-locate [dot] net
further artists include:
Ryosuke Akiyoshi, Martin Callanan, Frank Abbott, Sascha Pohflepp, Maria
Andraos & Sonali Sridhar, Miguel Andrés-Clavera and Inyong Cho, Laurent
Pernot, Esther Harris, Andreas Zingerle, Julian Konczak, Genevieve
Staines, Marco Villani, So Young Yang, Liu Zhenchen, Nisha Duggal, Lori
Amor & Kevan Davis, Maria Raponi, Lisa Mee, Leo Morrissey, Cary
Peppermint & Christine Nadir, Anne-Marie Culhane, Jomi Kim, Harry
Levene & Jon Pigrem, Naoko Takahashi, Son Woo Kyung
Dislocate is supported by The Asia-Europe Foundation, The Sasakawa
Foundation, The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation and Arts Council,

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