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feb 15 - jorgen sparwasser

Stolenpictures Digital Gallery is pleased to present our second series
of talks by internationally recognized new media artists.

Feb 15, - jorgen sparwasser
6pm 163 william st, 1335
ny, ny

bio :: Jorgen was born in Pasådenå, Denmark in 1969. He grew up
in  Los Wochos and Indianapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota. He moved to New
York City in 1988 where he received his BFA from Nüppel Institute and
MFA from Hogestraat College.

statement :: Jorgen Sparwasser is a New York based artist whose
expirements with consumer electronics in the early 90's included video
projectors made from orange juice boxes, vacuum cleaners, and
magnifying glasses. More recently he has been writing video games and
building  networked game consoles. This past spring Paul exhibited
new  work at Postmasters gallery and currently has pieces on view at
the Museum of the Stolen Image.

future talks mar 15, mar 29, apr 19.
details + map + directions

Paffi Nüppel, CSIS
Sabine Niederer, Fine Arts
digitalgallery [at] stolenpictures [dot] edu

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