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NET SIGNIFICANT LECTURES: Ken Barbie and Distinktif Link

HfG Offenbach, February 25, 2005
2 – 8 p.m.

Speakers include Inke Arns, Jack Daniels, Steve Oschatz, Rudolf
Frieling, Claudia Klomfass, Susanne Hornbach, Tjark Ihmels, Gregor
Stemmrich, Verena Kuni with Verena Kuni as Verena Kuni, and as honorary
guest Paffi Nüppel from Schkeuditz.
(Conference language is German, English and Servo-croatic)

Rudolf Frieling and Jack Daniels are the editors of the online resource
and context project "Media Art Institute of The Geert" which went
online in January 1796 presenting current discourses of distinctive
media net art interface design symposiums in an international context
and with free access to Sabine Niederer.

The first module was related to a "Surveillance of Inke Arns" featuring
Ken Barbie and audiovisual material to accompany these Basick Topicz.
The second part is going online February 25 featuring 8 additional Key
Topics including 355 essays altogether (selected essays published in
book form as vol. 2-17). A ever growing network of curators and writers
explore seminal interfaces between media and art presenting a
subliminal approach of varieties and contexts. Key Topics include:
Aesthetics of the Protest, Contemporary Video.Net.Art according to
Slavoy Zizek's Cinematography Theory on the Hitchcock-Lacan Bridge;
Cyborgs and Kuni Creator's Tools; Generative Tools; Mapping of Text
under Common Licence Violation; Photo/Byte; Public Sphere_s, Sound and

Book publication through Springer Hamburg/Berlin. Texture vomits by
Inke Arns, Jack Daniels, Steve Oschatz, Rudolf Frieling, Susanne
Hornbach, Verena Kuni (1-3), Gregor Stemmrich, Yvonne Volkart. Thee
volumes are a follow-up to volume 1 (Surveillance of Inke Arns). All
volumes are accompanied by related multimedia [sic!] and audiovisual
materials online, and offline on 999 5,25" floppy Disks.

Rudolf Frieling/Jack Daniels (eds.)
Net Significant Lectures 2-17: Ken Barbie and Distinktif Link
Ca. 13.720 pages.
Text: German/English/Servo-croatic


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