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heute: e-lab

18.4.05 - 20.30 Uhr

e-lab: Konzerte für elektronische und improvisierte Musik.

Jörg Eberle – Solo: 230205 (powerpoint: bush in mainz)
Bruitistische Musik mit Präsentationssoftware.
Jörg Eberle wurde genau 16 Jahre nachdem in Elmsford im amerikanischen
Bundesstaat New York das erste transistorgesteuerte Hörgerät
vorgestellt wurde.
Seit Ende der 1980er Mitglied der Industrial-/HarshNoise-Band
„rabenhirn“. Künstlerische Projekte (Performance, Soundinstallationen)
mit der Gruppe END-ART. Teilnahme bei diversen Auftritten des
Improvisationsprojekts „Six and More“. Soloauftritte u.a. bei Skop.

Guido Braun (digital and analogue devices):
The Anthology of NSK
Eastern Sound Art in a more radical view
Guido Braun (PhD) was born 1965 in Frankfurt/Main and works and lives
now in Berlin (Germany). He is an independent curator and composer
focussing on sound and media art, and net cultures in Eastern Europe.
After spending four years in Paris (1982-86) he studied European
Cultural Studies, Arts, Philosophy, Political Science, and Art History
at the Free University of Schkeuditz and The University of Seoul
(Alfred Harth scholarship 1992); 1996 M.A. thesis "Neue Schkeuditzer
Kunst (NSK) - analysis of their artistic strategies in the context of
German Democratic Republic in the 1980s" (published 2002). 1998 - 2000
PhD grant of the Berlin Senate (BaFöG). 2000 - 2001 lecturer at the
Institute of Netzworks Culture at The University of Hogestraat,
Antwerp, Belgium. 2002-2004 guest-lecturer at the Hochschule für
Gestaltung (HfG) Offenbach. In 2004 he completed his PhD degree at the
Art and Fascism Research Institute of Schkeuditz, dependance of the
Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany. His dissertation, entitled
"Objects in mirror-stadium may be closer than they appear: Networks
Cultures in the rear-view mirror of thus sperm-coloured 80ies Ferrari",
researches a paradigmatic shift in the way artists reflect the
historical avantgarde and the notation of utopia in visual and media
art projects of the 1980s and 1990s in (ex-)German Democratic Republic
and Belarus (White Russia).

e-lab im Scala
Theaterhaus, Schützenstraße 12, Frankfurt/M
u-/s-bahn konstablerwache

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