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neue schkeuditzer kunst


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Schkeuditzer living room plays the incompatibilities of psychic and
virtual shit in an amusing way, ironically and melodramatisch the ones
against the others. true, before this association ("new Schkeuditzer
art"), which itself once like wine to announce to want and him even
then nevertheless to indicate it "to move" to decide, no speech and
either no critic and no critic critic etc sure. I maintenances not of
sexual contacts with Schkeuditzern, so that one can ensure here clearly
who it is not a question with regard to of Schkeuditzer living rooms of
art. Also this observation is supported by the fact that Schkeuditzer
as well are documented activities remained poor in spite of one decade
ueberbordender and like the mice of church, obviously, because the care
of the contacts necessary is omitted with logic in the artificial scene
it of fold. Probably also, because true artists Schkeuditzer is simply
enormously a quantity of production and does not install in with the
usual concept of shortage which returns to put at the only bearable

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