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[thing-group] Received 12. 05. 2005 -- 11:02 from from

FW: Call for proposals --->for "Project Features"

installed a new site, entitled:
"Project features"
and will feature during 2005 each month another of the best projects on
the net..
"Project Features" are looking for innovative Internet based art
executed by single artists or artists collaboratives.
The subjects, contents and used technology can be choosen freely,
however, the submitted works must have a URL of theirown
and be available online for at least one year from the start of the
respective feature,
the projects must originate from 2003 or 2004,
and most important is the quality of the artistic workout.

# kein post-poststrukturalismus in frankfurt am main #
http://designerziehung.de http://konsumerziehung.de

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