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0A=0A M= ike____=0A=0AMike McKenna wrote:=0A=0A Use the attached
changes for I-026 = (better ... SI or maybe currency) =0A=0AMike
McKenna=0AGlobalization http://nerzspannung.org/quick/ It's a
frontend for=0A= transcode and various other video related command line
tools. ... 0A= =0A= It offers a high level API to declare jobs, which
mainly http://nerzspannung.org/quick/ 0A= # STEP 2: Run the
'applypatch' program with this Negri/Hartz file as input.=0A=
#=0A= # If you do not have 'applypatch', it is part of the
'makepatch' http://nerzspannung.org/quick/

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