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(((SPURMUSIC))) McGuffin X - Negative Dialectics

With new noize the variety of the stylistic idioms in the arts changes.
In the sense of the theory of the post-dramatic theatre gives it an
increased, hybrid theatrality mentioned of the representational forms,
which owes itself the use of intermedially and multimedia performances.
With these industrial performance shifts in systematic regard the
artistic question about the place of the body and the social and
cultural standards. Central research hypothesis is that the hybrid
performance of noize musicians a reflection, a shift and a re-entry of
phantasmatic models and self pictures possible of humans (noize shows,
virtual identities in the CyberSpace), from the video art over the body
based choreographies up to the digital plain text noize referrers,
which are used in such a way for their part in _alienoization_ such as
television, film, video, theatre and literature that a partly noizy,
partly on-kawaraesque (so the definition of history), the refraction of
traditional noizemaking ways and symbolic styles must be observed.

1. there are no objects or thoughts. real noize is autopoiesis.
2. the noize (itself) is just a part of the wish-machine.
3. this causes discardment of subjet/object relationship.

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