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Media education event in Berlin, transmediale.05

To be honest there are things that I am not curious about, such as for
example media education events: they are very boring. I am also not
curious at all whether the scum [at] blogware [dot] de, bonzo [at] significat [dot] de
address belongs to Reinhold Grether. I am sure that Reinhold Grether
does not exist since I am in process with him in Germany. He wants to
kick me out of my website, pretending that it is his website, while
nobody on this earth can be sure whose website is my website. Beware,
not only Reinhard's work is fictive, but he is a fictive person. Also
identity hacking is boring when nobody on this earth would confuse me
with a fictive person, I am me, my website is my website and I have
absolutely nothing to do with certain fictive addresses and a fictive

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